How is the GESE 8 exam to obtain a certificate?

As mentioned, at this level people must have a solid knowledge of the language, so the structure of the exam is a conversation that lasts an average of fifteen minutes and is made up of three stages:

- Discussion topic: The evaluated person will choose a topic that they master and that they like so that they can prepare a brief presentation about it. The objective of this phase is not the mastery of the subject as such, but the applicant's linguistic abilities, which he will demonstrate in a debate on the subject that he will have with the interviewer.

- Interactive Phase: The interviewer will ask the candidate questions about a topic that they have not prepared. In this phase it is sought to evaluate the spontaneity, capacity and ease of responses of the applicant. It is the part of the interview where the evaluated person is expected to demonstrate his versatility with the language, with the questions asked by the interviewer.

- Conversational Phase: It is the conversational phase of the exam, in which the evaluated must demonstrate the ability to talk normally with the interviewer.

Trinity GESE 8 Exam Preparation

If we take into account that the trinity GESE exams are used to evaluate (and certify, of course) the listening and speaking abilities of the candidates, there is no better way than to use the old trick of learning the mother language and it is none other than listening , listen and listen and then speak.

When applying for grade 8, it is assumed that the candidate has a fluent conversational level, however, here are some good preparation tips for trinity GESE 8:

- Watch movies and series with original audio and subtitles in English.

- Take advantage of the global community and on the Internet to join teaching-learning exchange groups, with any of the apps available in the palm of your hand.

- We always recommend the classic, so the best formula of all is to move to an English-speaking country, because that way we will be forced to develop fully in English. We know that it is the most expensive method, however, it is quite effective.

Final thoughts

The best of all the advice we can give is permanent practice, there is no other magic formula that works, "practice makes perfect".

We must take advantage of the beginning of the new year and propose a goal, structured with dates, to be able to obtain an English degree and see the world with the eyes of opportunity.

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