Trinity ISE foundation is a simultaneous assessment, which consists of 4 skills such as reading, writing, oral expression, and listening comprehension, the latter being enormously recognized worldwide by institutions and governments, as a reliable sample of the command of the English language.

ISE foundation's communication skills are authentic, which is why, given its approach, a large number of people choose it. It fosters communication skills through acquired training, content, and evaluation, introducing new features.

Importance of Trinity certificates

An ISE English certificate or title is an important test where people's ability to communicate effectively in English is measured. The trinity exams increase the student's conversational skills in English, which is extremely necessary for everyday life, allowing a great performance either in the work or academic environment.

Trinity exams are competitions where applicants must be able to demonstrate their ability to write, read, speak and understand real-life postures. Unlike others, where applicants or candidates prepare real tasks in English and do not have purely academic exercises, the approval of the oral part is therefore extremely necessary, because it represents 50 percent of the term grade. It is for this reason that they are specifically focused on the use of practical English, especially in oral and written performance.

Resources needed from the foundation

There are several resources available to the Trinity Foundation, among them, we have the following:

- The guides: They are very useful for this level, where we can find them for teachers and guides for students. In the first one, everything strictly necessary for the preparation of students or candidates with regard to the exams is reflected, in them, you can see the distribution of the exam, its content, and the schedule. While in the student guide we can find or observe the necessary tips for the exam.

- Reading and writing: The ideal activities for A2 have 4 tasks that are:

1. Take a long read.

2. Reading of different texts.

3. It consists of reading and writing.

4. It is based on extended writing.

- Speaking and listening: This resource offers great support for the module of the oral expression and listening comprehension exam since it has several tasks, such as the topic task, the conversion task, the independent listening task 1, and finally the task of independent listening 2.

- Videos: are specifically audiovisual resources that offer samples of what the exam itself is like.

- Editor's resources: these resources are materials of the editors and have been approved by educational centers. These are approved as preparation material available to candidates for the preparation of exams.

The tests are focused on knowledge and communication skills, and integrated into the language where people of all backgrounds and ages must take today in the interconnected world, covering all stages of learning ranging from beginner to level advanced.

How is the A2 exam done?

This exam consists of 2 tests where 4 language skills are assessed:

- Reading comprehension.

- The written expression.

- Oral expression.

. Listening comprehension.

The first test of the exam consists of 2 parts: reading comprehension and written expression. If the applicant passes both parts, a certificate is issued authenticating the result obtained.

The second test of the exam also consists of 2 parts: oral expression and listening comprehension, where the applicant, after passing both parts, is issued a certificate authenticating the result.

In addition to this, once having both certificates, the applicant is given a second where it is established that they are accredited to the next level or stage.

Examining experts

The teachers or examiners at the center are highly qualified English-speaking experts, and they are trained in the process of teaching oral examinees, supporting applicants to discuss their interests and providing a foundation for effective performance.

The positive impact

The perspective for the teaching-learning process and the assessment of languages 鈥嬧媓as as its primary objective a positive approach to teaching development and practice. Preparing for candidate or applicant evaluations is highly appreciated by offering a wide range of qualifications with unique and authentic benefits in the English language, allowing the combination of understanding productivity and communication with an appreciation of that language.

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