We inform you that due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the official in-person exam sessions are being postponed to July. The exams will take place during the month of July if the official institutions and the government allow the exams to be completed, if not, the exam sessions will be postponed until it is safe to carry them out. Those who urgently need a certificate can enrol on the online exams (from home): "Linguaskill" and "LanguageCert" by clicking here.

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Cervantes route for Spanish learners

Dec 3, 2020 #Formation #Spanish #recommendations #Curiosities Learn about the history of Don Quixote de la Mancha in person, visiting the magical places that had to do with this work. As Miguel de Cervantes said: "He who reads and travels a lot, learns and sees a lot".

Is it good to study a language from the age of 65?

Dec 3, 2020 #Formación #tips #recommendations #Languages For language learning there is no age limit, because the parts of the brain related to the skills required to do things and complete tasks are activated. Consequently, it is a type of mental gymnastics, so studying a second language turns out to be very beneficial in slowing the aging of the brain.

Learn Arabic in Spain

Dec 3, 2020 #Formation #Languages #Curiosities Due to its influence and proximity, it is very interesting to learn the Arabic language. Know the pronunciation with its peculiar uvular sound. It is written with two types of fonts: Kufi or Naschi, and it is read from right to left.

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