Features of the Trinity GESE 7 - B2.1 exam

For individuals looking to certify their advanced oral English skills, the official GESE certificate offered by Trinity comes highly recommended. Whether you've lived in an English-speaking country or have been consistently interacting with native speakers, this article provides you with essential information about the B2.1 level of the Trinity GESE 7 exam.

Structure of the GESE 7 - B2.1 exam

This exam caters to those at the B2.1 level, where candidates are expected to display an advanced command of English, capable of handling complex topics and situations in everyday work and social scenarios. The exam lasts between 15 and 17 minutes, involving a conversation between the student and the examiner. The conversation's subject will vary, providing candidates with an opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency in spontaneous and authentic English dialogue.

Trinity GESE 7 - B2.1 exams

The table below outlines the upcoming 2023 exam dates:

Announcement Oral exam
September 2023 From September 10 to 21
October 2023 October 10-21
November 2023 From November 10 to 21
December 2023 From December 10 to 21

Preparing for the Exam Independently

Before you begin preparing for the exam independently, take a look at the direct link to Trinity College. Here, you can download a specialized guide for the GESE 7 - B2.1 level, providing all the information you need.

Enrollment and Results

The Trinity GESE exam grades different sections using the letters A, B, C, or D, with A being the highest grade and D the lowest. The final grade, which can be a Fail, Pass, Merit, or Distinction, is determined based on the average of these sections.

Grade Result
A Distinction
B Merit
C Pass
D Fail

Regarding enrollment, it's advisable to register as early as possible due to the limited number of places. The registration process can be done quickly via this link.

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