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What are the Cambridge exams?

The certifications of Cambridge University are known all around the world and are validated by many universities, institutions and businesses. They also count with a great prestige and international recognition. This is why Cambridge University has been evaluating English knowlegde all around the world for 150 years. Each year, over 3 million people, from 135 countries, take the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) exams of Cambridge University.

How can you make your registration?

The inscription and payment must be completed online. After the online inscription for an English exam, you will receive the confirmation of your enrolment and information about the exam via email. 


Official recognitions

The Cambridge English certificates are accepted by more than 20.000 organisations around the world. Our exams and tests will ease your access to major studies, improve your job opportunities and, thanks to our international recognition, increase your mobility options in the academic and in the workforce sector. We are sure that you already know some of the international organisations that recognise and accept Cambridge certificates: Sony, Bayer, American Express, Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), Nestlé, IBM, etc.



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