The DELF A1 for Schools recognizes the early skills acquired in French by adolescents aged 12 to 18 attending university and high school. This is an elementary level of use of the so-called " discovery " language.
At this stage, the student is capable of simple interactions: he can talk about himself and his immediate environment.
This exam benefits from an extremely positive evaluation that is not made to sanction but to improve the learning of French. The DELF A1 school exam topics are adapted to young people. The DELF A1 for school is a good step to motivate students and adolescents in their learning of French by recognizing their efforts to learn the French language.

The DELF A1 for schools has the same value as a DELF A1 Tous Publics. In fact, the diploma issued is the same. There is no specific mention on the diploma that refers to the variation of the school. Please note that the subjects for DELF for schools and DELF Junior are the same. You will take a DELF for schools if there is an agreement between the local education authorities and the French embassy in your country. Otherwise, you will take a DELF Junior.

The DELF A1 exam school is based on level A1 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Common Languages).

DELF A1 exam school format

Nature of DELF A1 school exams



Comprehension: Answer comprehension questionnaires of three or four very short recorded documents related to everyday situations (two listening sessions). Maximum
duration of audio documents: 3 minutes

About 20 minutes

/ 25

Comprehension: Answer comprehension questionnaires about four or five
written documents related to everyday life situations.

30 minutes

/ 25

Written production contest in two parts:
- Complete a form
- Write simple sentences (postcards, messages, captions ...) on everyday topics.

30 minutes

 / 25

Oral composition
Three-part exam:
- Guided maintenance (1 minute)
- Information exchange (about 2 minutes)
- Role (about 2 minutes).

Preparation 5 to 7 minutes

10 minutes


  / 25

Total duration of collective exams: 1 hour 20 minutes
Total score out of 100
Pass threshold to obtain the DELF A1 school diploma : 50/100
Minimum required score per exam: 5/25




Difference between DEL Junior and DELF Schools

What is the difference between DELF Junior and DELF for schools? In fact, in essence, there is no difference, exactly the same subjects are offered in DELF Junior and DELF for schools. So why this differentiation in the name of these variations? The difference is purely administrative, institutional. In fact, we talk about DELF for schools when there is an agreement between the local education authorities and the French Embassy. Therefore, if such an agreement exists in your country, you will take a DELF for schools. On the contrary, if it does not exist, you will take a DELF Junior. In any case, neither the DELF for schools nor the DELF Junior mention appear on the diploma.

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