Guide to prepare for the English exam Anglia General intermediate level - Intermediate, level B1

Certifying a B1 level of English is always a very good option for all those who have already internalized the content and knowledge of the level. An opportunity that you should not miss because of the number of doors that will open to you, possibilities and opportunities in personal and professional fields, as well as academics.

Today we want to explain everything related to the English exam Anglia General intermediate level - Intermediate, level B1. It is a title that will stand out to you, many fewer people have it than any other English title, but it is nonetheless less important or recognized. We explain everything to you: what this qualification is about, what the exam is like tips to prepare for the certification on your own, enrollment, and everything that may interest you to be able to obtain your English degree Anglia General intermediate level - Intermediate, level B1.

Anglia exams, what are they?

Anglia Examinations is an international examining body that currently operates in more than 50 countries around the world. The Anglia exams are official English exams that certify your command of the language according to the CEFR, Common European Framework of Reference. The Anglia exams are certified and endorsed through the University of Chichester and offer several types of official exams to certify your level of English: 

  • General English exams.
  • Business English exams.
  • Oral English exams for children ages 4 to 11.
  • International exams for teachers.
  • Certifications in applied translation.

Anglia Examinations works together with Aim Awards, a union that offers certifications accredited by Ofqual, which is the British government body that regulates certifications. Aim Awards is an accrediting organization located in the United Kingdom, offering hundreds of official certifications at different levels and different areas of study. All Anglia examination centers are endorsed by both Anglia and Aim Awards in the performance of their preparation and examination functions.

Anglia Examinations favor the step-by-step approach to learning as the intention is to encourage and motivate students to make effective progress. Normally, the youngest children learn English for several years and later, in their adolescence, they begin the official language exams, considering the passage to the university or work world. At Anglia Examinations, they try to make this step more progressive.

This is achieved by taking an Anglia test at the end of each academic year so that the student has the necessary certifications when they need to make a decision. In this way, continuity and self-confidence are fostered and in turn, regardless of when they stop studying, they will always have tangible evidence of the level reached.

Anglia Certifications and Recognitions Exam

The Anglia exams are internationally recognized by prestigious entities and organizations such as Ofqual or the Aim Awards, in Spain, they are recognized by ACLES ( Association of language centers in higher education) that certify their validity as an official level of languages 鈥嬧媔n universities for access to degrees, masters or Erasmus plans, among others. In addition, the Anglia exams are also recognized by the different autonomous communities as a certifying entity of English for access to competitive examinations and offers of public positions and for bilingual teachers and teachers.

The Anglia exams have a multitude of recognitions from official bodies in Spain, such as the Government of Spain, Autonomous Communities of: Andalusia, Balearic Islands, Basque Country, Asturias (University of Oviedo), Murcia (University of Murcía), ACLES (Association of Centers of Languages 鈥嬧媔n Higher Education). More than 70 universities in Spain, CRUE Universities in Spain, Erasmus Scholarships, ICEX Spain exports and investments, ESIC Business & Marketing School Madrid.

You have the list of certificates and recognition of the Anglia exams in Spain.

How is the English exam Anglia General intermediate level - Intermediate, level B1

The Anglia General intermediate level - Intermediate exam, level B1, is level B1 in the Common European Framework of Reference and a qualification of Aim Awards Entry Level 3 in the UK national qualification framework.

The candidate must have knowledge of: the understanding of conjunctions and connections, compound verbs, variation in word order, the past perfect, the third conditional, etc.

Therefore, you must be able to perform: a composition, an informal message, multiple answer questions, matching through tagging, filling, sentence transformation, word transformation, rearranging the order of the words and True / False / Does not say statements.

The candidate has to write a clear and connected text on descriptive, narrative or imaginary topics; read and understand texts on concrete or abstract topics, distinguish and use a variety of verb tenses: past, present and future; ask and answer questions about past, present or future events; express basic intention, purpose, obligation, preference, advice, agreement and the process of disagreement and hypothesis, including regret and consequences repeating messages, passing information, checking facts.

You can see the specific content that the candidate needs to control to pass the test successfully. Exactly, the exam consists of two parts, reading / writing, as well as listening / answering. The test lasts 2 hours. And the candidate must perform the following activities:

  • Write a composition of 80 to 120 words, on a specific topic.
  • A comprehensive reading of the text indicated, answering the indicated comprehension questions.
  • Answer specific questions with written sentences.
  • Answer questions by selecting true or false
  • Answer questions by selecting the correct answer from among several.
  • Use of synonyms and antonyms.
  • Select and complete with the appropriate word, different sentences.
  • Respond using verbs in the past.
  • Write a short thank you letter.
  • Select and write the preposition according to the sentence.
  • Order sentences.
  • Listen to the audio and select the correct answers.
  • Complete a text based on the audio.
  • Answer true or false based on the audio.

How to prepare for the exam on your own

It is highly advisable that even if you prepare the exam on your own, you have contact with natives , since they are the ones who will help you prepare all the tests fluently, especially the oral and written creation tests. Either in person or remotely, surely you will find native speakers of English who are very interested in making exchanges and accompanying you in this process.

It is necessary that you set your goal in a strong way , that is, that you organize and work under a schedule that allows you to make the most of your study time and that allows you to prepare for each of the tests that you have to pass.

It is essential that to take this exam you already know English and that you have a good command of all the content of level B1 , so that you can take the tests safely and with guaranteed success.

Anglia makes the following material available to candidates, which is essential to use to prepare rigorously for the tests:

  • With this book you will have the most rigorous and adjusted preparation for the exam tests, it is highly advisable to follow it.
  • You can access sample exams that will help you a lot with the preparation of the tests.
  • And you also have all this extra material for the preparation of your exam, it will help you a lot.
  • Do not forget to prepare the oral part, it is essential that the candidates go safe and with a lot of practice. Take a good look at the resource that Anglia puts at your disposal .
  • In addition to that, remember that it is essential that you read a lot in English, which will allow you to find new structures, words, etc. In case you are interested in using it, here is this magnificent list of reading books , special for level B1, in case one suits your tastes and needs.
  • It would also be very good to find and watch movies and series in English with which to practice and have fun.
  • And don't forget about music, it's a fun tool that we all like a lot. With the following list you can surely do activities and find material that will help you practice English. They are adapted for your B1 level, and that is more than essential.

In any case, we advise you to always have your own English book for level B1 nearby with which to solve all your doubts about grammar and vocabulary. It would even be good if you went over it before starting, as it would allow you to have all the fresher contents to start with the preparation. Do not forget to use a good dictionary either, it is a fundamental tool to resolve doubts and advance in the study of English. If you are not sure which ones can help you, here is a list that will surely help and inspire you to decide.

Registration, dates and other information of interest

With regard to dates and rates, we leave you  this link  where you can make the registration and enrollment quickly and safely.