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Who corrects the Speaking of the Aptis exam?

The Aptis General exam is a certificate that measures your fluency in English. The speaking test consists of answering a series of questions dictated by a computer program. Who corrects the speaking part of the Aptis exam? Find out in this article. Oct 29, 2021 #Aptis

How many times can I take the Aptis exam?

Sometimes students ask us if there are any limits when it comes to taking the Aptis exams. We invite you to read our article. It will help you! Oct 29, 2021 #Aptis

How many points do you need to pass the B1 Aptis?

Let's go with one of the most popular questions about Aptis certificates: How many points do I need to pass the B1 Aptis? In this article, you will find all the information you need. Take a look! Oct 29, 2021 #Aptis

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