Aptis APTIS - Teen (A2, B1, B2)

The APTIS exam is a great instrument designed by the British Council to assess English language skills in an efficient and modern way. The APTIS English certificate is widely recognized around the world and, especially, among EU member countries, as it complies with the guidelines established by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching and Assessment ).

Applicants for this exam will obtain a reliable English qualification that meets the demands of the working world as well as modern school requirements.

Although the APTIS test was originally designed for adults, today's world increasingly integrates a greater number of young people who require a certification in the English language more appropriate to their circumstances. With this need in mind, the British Council decided to establish a specific English certificate for adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17. Christened APTIS for teens , this level of certification enjoys the same degree of recognition.

In addition to its wide international acceptance, the APTIS certification offers some great benefits, including:

- The possibility of registering up to 3 days before the test.

- Obtain the results online only within the next 3 or 4 days of applying, while the physical certificate is received between 7 and 10 days.

- The price of the test is usually lower than that of others with the same objective.

APTIS Exam Overview

The certification offered by the APTIS exam has 4 modalities: general, for teachers, for adolescents and advanced. Each one with three levels: A, B and C, which in turn are subdivided into two grades. Most of the needs of the labor and academic order are perfectly covered with the B2 degree.

The exam is answered in about 3 hours on a computer and its structure consists of 5 parts:

1. Oral test

It lasts 12 minutes and is divided into 4 sections.

to. Short personal questions, which must be answered in a time of 30 seconds.

b. Description of a photograph in a given time. Based on the image, 2 questions will be asked, each one to be answered in 45 seconds.

c. Comparison between 2 photographs about which 2 questions will be asked. The comparison will be done in 45 seconds and each answer in another 45.

d . Answer 3 questions in a time of 2 minutes. Before starting, you will have 1 minute to think and order the answers.

2 Reading test

It consists of 4 parts and lasts 30 minutes.

a. In a short text, 7 blank spaces must be filled with words from a list.

b. Organize a group of certain given words in a text that makes sense.

c. In a long text, you have to fill in the blanks so that it makes sense.

d. From between 7 texts and 8 possible titles, the appropriate one must be chosen for each one.

3 Hearing test

It consists of a single part with a minimum duration of 25 minutes and a maximum of 50.

a. There will be 25 short recordings that, at the end, ask a question each with 4 possible answers. There will be an opportunity to listen to each recording up to 2 times before responding.

4 Writing test

It lasts 50 minutes and also consists of 4 parts.

a. They are asked to answer 5 basic questions using a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 words.

b. A single question is formulated that must be answered using between 20 and 30 words. In this part it is requested to include personal information as if it were the incorporation to a group.

c. This section focuses on social media. It consists of 3 questions that will be answered through a personal opinion on aspects raised by other members of the group. We will be asked to argue our position, using between 30 and 40 words for each answer.

d. At this point, 2 emails should be written , an informal one of 50 words and a formal one, addressed to members of the same group, of between 120 and 150 words.

5 Grammar and vocabulary test

Lasting 25 minutes, it consists of 2 sections.

a. Grammar. 25 questions will be presented with a blank space and 3 answer options. You will have to write the chosen one in the space.

b. Vocabulary. It consists of 5 exercises in which it is requested to join synonyms, definitions, set phrases or fill in the blanks.

How to apply and prepare for the exam?

It is possible to register for the exam easily online, however, it will depend on the country we are in, the specific form that we must apply. In Mexico, it is possible to request information by writing an email to the account: aptismexico@britishcounsil.org, where expert personnel will resolve all our doubts in writing.

If the APTIS exam is approaching, it is advisable to take advantage of any possible help and, for this, the following link may be useful: How to prepare for Aptis?

Although registration can be done online, to take the exam you will have to go to one of the APTIS Authorized Centers . Again, to enroll you can search the search engine for your closest center.

Recommendations for the exam day

- Go to the headquarters with enough time to prevent any eventuality that may arise along the way. If you are late, the lost time will not be made up and it is even possible to miss the test.

- Do not forget a valid official identification and proof of payment. Without these documents, you will not be allowed to take the exam.

- Bring a functional headset to connect to the computer. They will be essential in the auditory part of the test.

- Go prepared so as not to suffer from hunger or thirst for at least 4 hours.

- Carry a pencil in case it is necessary to make a note during the test.

Good luck with the certification.