Aptis APTIS - For Teachers (A2, B1, B2)

The APTIS exam for teachers or " APTIS for teachers " is a test designed to measure the level of the English language in professionals. Unlike other similar tests, this one was made specifically to meet the needs of companies in the specific aspect they want to highlight.

The APTIS for teachers contains a close tone, this is because the topics that teachers teach to their students, in general, are of a familiar nature. This test assesses the performance of professionals dedicated to teaching English.

It is an exam that focuses on everyday topics, thus allowing participants to divert their attention and respond in a relaxed way, making the evaluation flow.

Composition of the APTIS assessment for teachers

It has several important points in its structure:

1. It is carried out with a basic module of knowledge where the grammar and vocabulary skills of the teacher are examined.

2. This basic module consists of 4 tests, oral, written, reading, and listening comprehension. Each participant decides if they are carried out in a single evaluation or if they are carried out according to their needs or those of the employing institution.

3. The British Council validates two ways of presenting the test, through a computer or on paper. In this way, anyone has access to the evaluation and the benefits of obtaining a certification through these means.

4. While it is not expensive evidence, you also have the ability to pay only for the evidence that you want or need to present.

5. The results follow the criteria of the CEFR "Common European Framework of Reference", each test is scored from 0 to 50 assigning the level established for teachers, with A1 being the lowest level and C the highest.

6. The evaluation is designed to know the strengths and areas of opportunity of each candidate.

7. It is not intended for teachers of the English language only, it is very useful for teaching professionals of other subjects at different levels of education to transmit knowledge in bilingual institutions.

Structure of the APTIS for teachers

Currently "language qualification" is in high demand in public and private schools and is achieved by accrediting the C1 level through the APTIS for teachers exam .

The structure of the English exam for teachers is basically the same as the general method, it consists of 5 evaluations that determine the ability of the individual and their performance in the language:

- 1. SpeakingThis first part is divided into 4 stages:

1.1 Stage 1. 3 questions will be answered, they are simple and generally refer to your hobbies, family and work. You will have 30 seconds to answer each question, taking special care in the use of grammar and times.

1.2 Stage 2. An image will be shown and 3 questions related to it will be asked. You have 45 seconds to answer each question.

1.3 Stage 3. 2 images will be shown and it is requested that they be compared with each other, answering 3 questions for which there are 45 seconds in each one.

1.4 Stage 4. 3 questions will be formulated that must be answered in 2 minutes, for these there will be a minute of preparation in which notes can be taken.

- 2. Listening. This is an auditory test, 25 recordings will be played and one question must be answered for each recording with 4 answer options. The duration is 55 minutes to complete this part.

- 3. Reading. This test must be answered in 30 minutes, it is divided into 4 stages by degree of difficulty:

3.1 Stage 1. A short text with missing words will be displayed. 3 answer options will be given for each missing.

3.2 Stage 2. A short text will be shown again, but separated into short paragraphs that are out of order. It consists of arranging the text correctly.

3.3 Stage 3. A longer text is shown, approximately half a page, with missing words. There will be 3 options to choose a correct answer for each gap.

3.4 Stage 4. The text of this stage is the longest, reaching a page and a half, in which it will be requested to associate headings to each paragraph.

- 4. Writing. Written test with 4 stages, with 50 minutes to answer:

4.1 Stage 1. It consists of 5 questions to be answered briefly with a maximum of 5 words.

4.2 Stage 2. A question will be asked that can be thematic or personal in which 20 to 30 words must be answered.

4.3 Stage 3. This stage focuses on interaction in social networks. There will be 3 questions focused on the participant's opinion and the answers should be 30 to 40 words each.

4.4 Stage 4. You will be asked to write 2 emails. The first with a close and informal tone addressed to a friend with a maximum of 50 words. The second should be with a formal tone, it can be formulated by asking for information, for example.

- 5. Grammar and vocabulary. In the grammatical part, 25 questions will be asked, each one will have missing words and there are 3 options in each question to choose the correct answer. For the vocabulary part, 5 activities will be presented that may consist of definitions or filling in the gaps.

Each assessment is scored on a basis determined by the CEFR "Common European Framework of Reference" from 0 to 50, in which the level at which each one is (A2, B2, C1, C2) will be determined. In the end it is averaged taking into account the 5 results.

The practice prior to presenting the test will help to obtain better results, for this, it is recommended to acquire didactic material. It is best to have a practice book, so the following bibliography is usually used:

- Aptis General Test: Pre-Exam Workbook.

- APTIS: Pre-Test Practice, 3 TESTS, Additional Exercises.

- APTIS oriented practice material: Practice material APTIS test-oriented.

There are also other practice methods such as listening to music in English, watching movies and TV shows in the language. In addition, there is a wide variety of activities and conversation groups on the Internet.

The APTIS for teachers is the best method, as well as economical, to obtain the English certificate. Results are released within 48 hours and the English qualification will be delivered after 7 calendar days.