What if I decide to study a little known language?

Dec 2, 2020

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What if I decide to study a little known language?

Exiting the study of languages ​​such as English, French, German or Italian is sometimes a company that is done with enthusiasm, but it is rarely done. In general, we have the tendency to think that certain languages ​​are useless. Because we think that we are not going to be able to find jobs with them, increase our purchasing power and that we are going to invest time and money that are useless. But does the study of a language have to have a material objective? Unfortunately, today, studying foreign languages ​​has become a business. Very few are those who decide to study a language for the love of languages. But for the romantics who are capable of doing it and who enjoy learning foreign languages, today we want to remind you of all the good things about leaving the traditional and established and launching into the study of well-known minority languages .

You give it meaning

Whether or not it makes sense to study a foreign language, that is something very personal and it is a decision that each one makes depending on their circumstances and their needs. Therefore, examine your thoughts and do not get carried away by what you hear from society with its messages of consumerism, or by what people tell you even if they do so with the best intention, but, unfortunately, guided by the former.

Everyone has their preferences, their tastes and hobbies, therefore, studying a new language is an excellent decision depending on which cases. And if that language is not the one that everyone studies, more of the same. Think carefully if you are willing to invest that time, if you are determined, if you feel like it, if you are motivated, if you are willing to do it. If you feel like it's a yes, go ahead! Do not stop doing it, since then you will feel bad about yourself and it is not about that. Of course, do not pay attention to the messages from the outside and trust yourself, that it is your moment, that it is an illusion that you have and go ahead.

Advantages of studying a little-known foreign language

 - If you have an element that others do not have, that will make you stand out and you will be able to apply for jobs that others who do not know the language cannot. You may not have many job opportunities with that language, but if one comes out, it is surely yours.

- Find yourself the opportunity if you want to work every day using the foreign language you have decided to study. It's about searching, going to the native country of the language, it's about looking for companies, looking for ways that can offer you that possibility. It depends on the language, take a good look at which sectors may be favored. But in addition to that, it will be a plus for you if you want to dedicate yourself to teaching foreign languages, to translation, interpretation, tourism or restaurants, to be a tourist guide ... Among many others, these sectors need people with many languages, the more the merrier.

- You can make trips to places that are not very crowded and that are little frequented. Count on the number of experiences this will bring you. Count on the benefits that you will obtain from these experiences that will surely become unforgettable for you.

- You will meet many people and if you choose to study a little-known foreign language, surely they are people very different from you and very special. They will become people who contribute a lot to you and make your life better. And these experiences are very worthwhile, they always change the life of those who have them.

- The study of foreign languages ​​will allow you to continue expanding other types of studies, other disciplines in foreign centers that most cannot access, which guarantees you another plus in your cover letter. In addition to the knowledge that you are going to acquire, the important experiences that you are going to have are also added here

- On a personal level, it is a goal that you are going to set yourself and that will make you stronger and with which you will strengthen your confidence in yourself, knowing that you can do everything you set out to do even if others, the majority of people who you know, have taken other paths and do not value yours. What you will do is follow your heart, your desire, and that is the most valuable thing you can do in your life.

In conclusion

Studying a new, not very well-known language may not offer you many possibilities of entry, but little by little you will realize that it is just a great advantage in every way. It will highlight you on a social level, it will make you feel good about yourself for doing something you want, it will bring you experiences very different from what you have lived until now. In conclusion: if you have ever set yourself a goal of this type, do it, do not leave it out of fear or feeling rejected, since everything is within you and if you decide to enjoy and be happy with the decision, we assure you that only it's going to bring you good things.

Remember that learning is never a waste of time, it is quite the opposite, an investment in you, in your life, in your culture, in your growth and in your curriculum to be more practical. You will always receive after doing your part and developing a project as beautiful as studying a foreign language can be.

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