Translation as art and science

Nov 27, 2020

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Translation as art and science

If you have completed the study of a foreign language, whatever it may be, and if during your study time and afterwards, you have had the opportunity to practice almost daily and intensively, you probably think that you are in a position to carry out a series of jobs where you have to use your new language. And it is correct, for that you have studied it. But you would make a serious mistake to consider that you are in a position to carry out translations of any written text, if you have not previously completed the corresponding studies to be a good translator. As this article develops, you will see that expert people work together with the translator so that the translated text faithfully reflects the spirit that its author demands. Such are the designer and the proofreader, two essential figures to achieve attractive effects highly required in the business environment.

The world of translation

It's true, anyone who knows two languages ​​can translate text from one to the other without complications. But knowing a language will not make you a good translator, because translation is an art and a technique that must be learned . Because it is one thing to translate literally and quite another to contemplate in the translated text the spirit of the content of the original, and that is not as easy as you might think, since it requires art and technique that you have to learn.

But it is worth studying, because regardless of the need, it arouses interest because it requires ingenuity and capacities that range from elegance to inspiration, qualities that are well appreciated and currently paid, since it is an intellectual work recognized and appreciated by the business marketing.

Some criteria for a good translation

- You have to take great care to respect the truth, which means that the translation you do transmits exactly the original content into the target language. You cannot include ideas that are supposed to carry the final text, nor of course, you can delete anything either.

- Everything that the original contains such as expressions, terminology, turns, must be faithfully translated.

- You have to capture the true spirit and also the purpose of the document, and know how to translate it so that it has the same effect.

Saving aesthetics is of vital importance and you must respect it, but if your opinion is that you should change it so that the text appears more attractive, you must ask for express permission to do so. Because in terms of aesthetics there is more than one opinion. In this sense, if you have an open letter for the design of the document, it is best that you work directly with a design technician .

The document checker

The complexity of a marketing document requires that the figure of the document proofreader, who must be an expert in the translation, intervenes in the control of its translation.

Naturally, when it comes to translating technical texts, it is best to have the document reviewed by a proofreader , who will logically examine the technical concepts of the document.

Use of computing

The use of ICT information and communication technologies , today state-of-the-art technology, is very efficient when used in the translation process, because it will facilitate the relationship with the client.

In conclusion, document translation requires the same dedication and treatment that is used in the production of original texts, maintaining the quality criteria used to control the translation process.

Why are external language translation services necessary?

A dubious translation can deform part or all of the intended message for your business, making it difficult to operate, especially if it is a question of relating to a new country. For this reason, it is vitally important to know how to choose a company that guarantees a faithful and attractive translation.

The outsourcing of translation services is the current resource of large companies. Practice shows that outsourcing, in addition to being a less costly and effective alternative to traditional translation services, also provides access to the expertise and technical resources required by modern translation.

Here you can request information to study translation and interpretation:

What does the translation studio provide?

The specialized centers are dedicated to preparing professional linguistic mediators to solve the problems that may arise when linking two languages. In this way, translators and interpreters acquire the mission of:

- Transfering the messages from one language to another, without losing the original meanings, to achieve this they must handle both languages ​​perfectly and fluently.

- In addition to managing languages, they must have the necessary ability to learn new techniques and linguistic resources : spelling and correct application of the terms of each language.

- Its scope of action cannot be confused with communication professionals. Their special abilities enable them to perform functions in international companies, as well as in the publishing world and also as foreign language teachers.

Studying translation a professional decision

Although Translation and Interpreting is a newly created career, it is already a reality that is gaining more and more strength given its need and the multiple uses it has. That is why we have decided to write about the advantages of being a translator, in order to shed some light on potential future students of this beautiful profession, whose projection is increasingly demanding more professionals.

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