The "Erasmus Scholarship" and its objectives

Dec 4, 2020

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The "Erasmus Scholarship" and its objectives

Recall that the " European Higher Education Superior " is an area of educational organization that began in 1999 with the so - called Bologna Process, with the aim of harmonizing the various existing educational systems in the European Union, and result in an effective manner the exchange between all students, and at the same time, stimulate the creation of a dimension, with which to provide extraordinary agility to the change process initiated by European universities.

In these lines we are going to detail the meaning, its scope and consequences of this superb inclusive plan that can turn your life upside down.

Conditions that make the Erasmus program possible

The conception and implementation of the European Union as a space for the free movement of goods, services, capital and people, is the seed that allows the Erasmus program to also exist. This program is one of the best opportunities for students to come into contact with other cultures and to more easily practice and develop oral skills in other languages independent of their native language.   

What does ERASMUS mean?

The acronym Erasmus comes from the official name in English: European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students (Action Plan of the European region for the mobility of university students). Its main objective allows and facilitates that a student can carry out part of their studies at a different European university. For this reason, you have the possibility of doing Erasmus in any country in Europe and also in Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Serbia, Turkey and Liechtenstein.

Who can get the ERASMUS scholarship?

Originally this scholarship was conceived for the university student only. Currently, and under the auspices of the Erasmus program, many more people have access to enjoy this extraordinary experience. Currently the Erasmus program encompasses: university students and master students, as well as teachers, staff in teacher training, Erasmus internships, Erasmus for young people in volunteering and Erasmus for youth animators. Their perspectives mobilize more than 4 million people each year.

Indeed, its sweet prospects are on the rise, since the central conception of the EU as a place of free movement of goods, capital and people makes it possible for the Erasmus program to exist, as a great opportunity for students from a country to come into contact with other cultures in order to more easily develop intercultural connection.

Cardinal objective of the EU

The aim pursued by the EU in developing this program is aimed at suppressing youth unemployment.  And also that of promoting training in adults, mainly in new skills, while facilitating the participation of European youth in the democratic life of the continent, at the same time, to support innovation and cooperation among countries committed and as a consequence, reducing school dropouts while promoting mobility in Europe.

But also another important objective is to improve your CV. The Erasmus experience is very positive for a student. And also, it is highly valued by companies since the student shows initiative, has experience in solving problems by himself, an international profile, in general doing an Erasmus is very good for your curriculum. It is not the same to say that you have completed an academic year at the University of Oxford, than in a university that no one knows.

But what does Erasmus mean for a student?

Due to the successes achieved in these years, Erasmus has become a rewarding adventure. An experience that can be unique. For the vast majority of students is the first time they leave their parents ' home, it is the first time also, they can experience being completely independent.

Erasmus has become an experience that makes it easier for you to meet hundreds of people, but you have to take the first steps alone, because you will find yourself in an unknown country in all areas, with a language that you do not yet control and therefore you have to solve all the administrative papers at the university, find a place to live and get to know a new city and all by yourself. Your parents, family and friends will not be able to be there to help you forever, so the first weeks may seem chaotic, but these circumstances are precisely those that will make you realize that you are about to start a unique experience, and that everything that you do is only up to you.

Naturally, if you are from the city, without a doubt, you will meet people from the town, if you are from the south you will connect with people from the north. And that will allow you to discover how different Spanish students are from all communities, and not only that, you will also get together with Italians, English, Portugueses, etc. Probably, you will travel to all the corners of your destination country, you will discover all its streets, all the bars, which will transform you into a native more. A citizen of the world.


After spending one of the best years of your life, you will come home with the desire to enjoy family, homemade food, go out with your friends and you will think that this experience has been well worth spending, that it has even given you maturity .

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