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How to better take the PTE English exam. Here the guide

Nov 20, 2020

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How to better take the PTE English exam. Here the guide

For many Spanish speakers, obtaining an English certificate can be a challenge. For this reason, the previous one to the presentation of an English exam is for many a moment of nervousness, especially if the evaluation implies an opportunity to improve or access a university or an English-speaking country.

If taking a Pearson exam to obtain an English degree is within our aspirations, the following information will be very useful.

What is a Pearson exam

Also known as PTE Academic (Pearson Test of Academic English) it is a computerized English assessment for those who wish to study in an English-speaking context or place.

The PTE is recognized by international educational institutions, designed for non-native students to demonstrate knowledge of the English language based on elements that can determine the required level. Particularly for those who wish to study in schools that teach in English.

Educational institutions such as universities or companies and companies accept the different levels of PTE General. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) establishes correspondences for all levels of this exam:

- Level A1 - Foundation (A1).

- Level 1 - Elementary (A2).

- Level 2 - Intermediate (B1).

- Level 3 - Upper Intermediate (B2).

- Level 4 - Advanced (C1).

- Level 5 - Proficient (C2).

Who is the PTE for?

It is for any candidate who is not a native English speaker who needs to follow the enrollment and admission criteria in higher education schools or universities. With the exception of lawyers and teachers, the PTE is for almost everyone who wishes to obtain an English certificate.

It is also a viable option and requirement for candidates who wish to study in certain English-speaking countries, such as Australia, or for those immigrants who are making arrangements to enter that country.

The Pearson exam is also intended for those who want to validate their academic or professional degrees. Levels 4 and 5 are recognized for admission to British universities and a variety of companies around the world.

Exam structure

The General PTE examines the four language skills together: reading, writing, listening and speaking ( reading , writing , listening and speaking ). The focus of this assessment is on the ability to communicate in English, rather than just assessing the skills to respond to one type of test.

The Pearson is composed of two parts: written exam and oral exam. Writing examines listening, reading and writing. Assessors in the UK will correct it. The oral is carried out by native speakers and the results are also channeled to experts in the United Kingdom for correction.

The PTE score is 30 to 90. It is necessary to obtain 65 to 90 points to pass it.

Duration by levels

The PTE General exam time is very accessible.

Level A1 - Foundation (A1) - 1 h15 min + 5 min of the Interview .

Level 1 - Elementary (A2) - 1 hr 35 min + 5 min of the Interview .

Level 2 - Intermediate (B1) - 1 hr 35 min + 7 min of Interview.

Level 3 - Upper Intermediate (B2) - 2 h + 7 min of the Interview.

Level 4 - Advanced (C1) - 2 h 30 min + 8 min of the Interview.

Level 5 - Proficient (C2) - 2 h 55 min + 8 min of the Interview.


The contents of the PTE are focused on real life situations and practical tasks, such as writing messages by mail or instant messaging, understanding dialogues or conversations, articles, or press releases.

With the contents and tasks of the PTE it is intended to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the students to help them improve their level of English. They are divided according to the linguistic ability to be evaluated.

For Speaking and Writing :

Personal Introduction .

Read Aloud .

Repeat Sentence .

Describe Image .

Re-tell Lecture .

Answer Short Question .

Summarize Written Text .

Essay .

For Reading :

Reading & Writing Fill in the Blanks .

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer .

Re-order Paragraphs .

Fill in the Blanks .

Multiple Choice, Single Answer .

For Listening :

Summarize Spoken Text .

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer .

Fill in the Blanks .

Highlight Correct Summary .

Multiple Choice, Single Answer .

Select Missing Word .

Highlight Incorrect Words .

Write From Dictation .

Recommended didactic preparation material

There are several books that can serve as preparation to present the PTE, according to the required level:

- PTE Young Learners (the Big English series ).

- PTE General ( Wider World , Go Getter , Gold Experience , Focus , Skills Boosters , among others).


General PTE certificates do not expire. Likewise, it is possible to take practice tests online and thus obtain quick results (in approximately one hour), with which it is possible to know when we can be ready to present the PTE.

There is an added bonus: there are dates available to take the exam almost every day of the year.

Once the exam has been taken, the results will be available in five business days, which is faster compared to the 10 business days you need, for example, the IELTS.

As it is an exam graded by a software and does not involve the qualification of people, it is more accurate. It is clearer in the section of the listening audios, in addition to being easier to write, since it is done on a computer, so it is also easier to correct the texts.

Prices depend on the type or level, as well as the institution that applies it. Here's an estimate of how much each one costs:

- Level 1 A1: less than 100 euros.

- Level 1 A2:   https://examenexam.com/convocatorias/ingles/pte-general/a2

- Level 2 B1:   https://examenexam.com/convocatorias/ingles/pte-general/b1

- Level 3 B2: https://examenexam.com/convocatorias/ingles/pte-general/b2

- Level 4 C1: https://examenexam.com/convocatorias/ingles/pte-general/c1

- Level 5 C2: https://examenexam.com/convocatorias/ingles/pte-general/c2

Now we have a semblance of what the Pearson exams are and who they are aimed at, which can be very useful to positively compensate for the achievements in learning the English language.

The exam activities are part of a development of what happens inside and outside the classroom, with this, the candidates are allowed the opportunity to achieve their best performance in learning the English language.