8 reasons to get a language degree from Cambridge or another prestigious institution

Nov 24, 2020

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8 reasons to get a language degree from Cambridge or another prestigious institution

Achieving a language certificate from CambridgeOxford or any other prestigious institution can be of great value to us. It does not matter what language we want to learn, although we must also value our preferences. Undoubtedly, looking to the future is mandatory, especially when we opt for a good job position. In addition, obtaining a degree implies significant personal satisfaction .

English exams: 8 reasons to get a language certificate

Although English is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, we have a large number of alternatives (German, French, Chinese, etc.). The crucial thing is that we are attracted to that language and give everything to obtain a certificate. Without a doubt, this document will bring us many benefits.

1. As a personal goal

Speaking a second language perfectly is a privilege that, fortunately, is in our hands. New technologies provide us with many advantages in this regard. For example, being able to maintain contact with a native teacher from our computer is an achievement. We only need to have access to the internet and a great desire to learn.

Studying a language should not be seen as an obligation, despite the fact that the institutions direct us to it. Let's think that, by learning it, we have the possibility of doing tourism, meeting people from other cultures and, above all, achieving that personal goal that involves going a little further.

Learning something new should be very rewarding for anyone .

2. Trinity and Oxford: two fundamental certificates to achieve a university degree

Overcoming English exams has become a must for any student of our country. This happens in almost every cycle and is an advantage for all of us.

Taking into account that English is the most widely studied and spoken language (as a second language) in the European Union , it is essential if we plan to work in a multinational or in any company that has contact with people from other countries. Furthermore, we cannot forget that it is the language of Medicine and Informatics.

With a certificate from Trinity College London or Oxford, we will be able to obtain the validation of subjects, anticipating and obtaining a higher degree.

3. Give presence to our curriculum with Linguaskill and LanguageCert

Young people who are not yet clear about what they are going to study should opt for obtaining a language certificate. The alternatives are many, having the possibility of choosing degrees of different prices.

For example, through Linguaskill or LanguageCert we have the opportunity to meet university requirements and achieve the equivalency required by any advanced degree. But the most attractive feature is the possibility of taking the exams of these institutions in a more flexible way .

Speed ​​is, in these times, a necessity. For this reason, an early certificate of any language will look great on our resume . It can be said that we managed to open a very important door in any of the work areas that exist.

4. It allows us more employment opportunities

In relation to the previous point, if we are still not clear about what we want to be, a language certificate offers us many job opportunities. Obviously, if we accompany it with a university degree, it will be easier for us to achieve the profession of our dreams.

From opting for any company with a presence abroad to having the opportunity to go through the teaching area, speaking a second language is an advantage that we must not miss.

5. It is mandatory in most jobs

Currently, we can see in most job offers how it is an essential requirement to have a demonstrable high level of English. Therefore, the certificate is our cover letter in any job.

If we do not want to be rushed, especially in the difficult situation we go through due to the ups and downs of the economy , a language degree will make all the difference. Unfortunately, as we are far from full employment, competition will continue to be a constant in the workplace, so we must stand out.

6. It can mean a job promotion

In case we are already working, it is never too late to learn a new language. Our curriculum must remain active, that is, we must not lower our guard even if we feel entrenched in a position.

The years have shown us that anything can happen, so the more we scale within our company or the institution where we carry out our work, the sooner we will obtain the recognition of our superiors through a well-deserved job promotion. Of course, a language certificate will help us achieve this goal. In fact, 70% of companies are the first thing they value among their staff.

7. It opens the doors to foreign countries

If we have that concern to see more of the world, abroad is the opportunity that we were looking for so much. Undoubtedly, the official language certificate is essential in this regard.

In this case, we must think very well what language we are going to study, since it will determine the country that will host us. If we choose English, we open ourselves to many regions of the world, although the Chinese language, belonging to one of the most important economic powers, can assure us of job success.

8. It is the future for telematic work

The Telematic work still has a long road ahead in our country. Without a doubt, after analyzing the events that have occurred in the world during this century, it is foretold as the best option for most companies.

Again we are required to look closely at the computing industry. Knowing that the great producers and programmers use English, they already indicate the predominant language on the internet.

It is not only the certificate, but what it represents in the use we have of a specific language. Thus, a degree from CambridgeOxford or any of the other leading international institutions will make us an attractive employee for any organization. Although the best we will achieve is the satisfaction of knowing that we can go as far as we want.