How our online registration service works

On the website "", Examenexam Spain S.L. offers an online registration service for students in exams offered by the collaborating exam centers of the website.

Examenexam Spain does not directly provide the services offered on the "" website and, therefore, does not sell any exams.

When a user of the website registers, that is, selects an exam, registers and pays for it, he / she establishes a direct contractual relationship with the exam center that offers the exam. You become a student of the test center, and not of the website. communicates your registration data to the exam center and sends you a confirmation e-mail with all the registration and contact details.

Our online registration service is free for users.

Examination centers

Examination centers that want to benefit from the online registration service offered by must include their data and periodically update the exams they take at their center on the website. These exam centers are professional and are authorized to carry out such exams, and they have a contractual relationship with

As part of this contractual relationship, charges for the management of the online enrollment process of the students of that center.

If the test center does not comply with the obligations it has with, we will remove it from our website.

On the search results page you will find the number of exam centers available in Spain, region or city where you have searched for the exam.

Registered test centers do not necessarily offer all of their exams on the "" website.


All the information of the exams that is shown on the website "" is based on the information published by the exam centers themselves, who update the prices, availability and options under their own criteria through the Extranet to the who have access.

The changes made will be updated immediately on the website, although its content is the sole responsibility of the center that publishes it in Examenexam, we frequently review that information to guarantee the enrollment process.

On the results page of our website, the exams for each region or city are ordered by default or by following the filters located at the top of the page according to the user's criteria (exam dates, location, type of exam, best score by other users ...)

Exam price and possible additional charges

The exam centers are responsible for the price of the exam.

The user does not bear any charge for the online registration process. The cost of the registration process is part of the service of the exam center that performs it through our website.

The details of the examination session include all the relevant information about the exam that the exam center makes known. In addition, on the website we show all the services and equipment offered by the exam center. To see them, click on the name of the exam center and open the breakdown of its file. Not all services and equipment may be included in the rate. Additional charges may be charged for some services. To find out what services or equipment are included in the price, hover over the question mark in the "Your options" column.

Method to resolve conflicts

The contractual relationship is established between the Examination Center and the user. Therefore, any complaint related to the conditions of the exam or the fulfillment of the services should be directed directly to the exam center.

Except for the provision of the public order forces, any conflict derived from the use of our services and general terms must be addressed to the competent courts of Malaga, Spain.

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