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How long does an English degree last?

This is perhaps one of the questions that our readers ask with the greatest frequency and interest and that concern you the most. Because whether or not its title is in force, its future may depend. Although, as we are going to see, the official validity of the title may be depreciated by the demands of the institution or company that requires its presentation as an unavoidable requirement.


Why do some titles expire and others don't?


Like everything in this world, English qualifications are also updated and adapted to the times, to respond to immediate demands, such as a job interview or to request a scholarship ... That is why there are certificates such as IELTS and TOEFL that are valid for two years, while the classic Cambridge degrees (First, Advanced etc) do not expire.


The current trend by experts is to recommend that you always check with the company or entity that demands the title. Because it turns out that although the accreditation does not expire, however, whoever demands it and has to recognize it (the administration itself, a company, etc.) has the power to set their own validity periods. At the end of the day they can impose the expiration date for your admission.


Let's look at the Cambridge certificates


Certainly the degrees and certificates awarded by Cambridge English do not have a specific expiration date in the supporting document, this means that they must be considered valid for life.


There are only 2 exceptions within Cambridge degrees that do have an expiration date: IELTS and BULATS.


−− IELTS Scores are only valid for two years.


−− BULATS is recommended for companies and educational institutions that request some additional proof of the candidate's level of English, if they took the exam more than two years ago.


In summary


The fact that some companies or universities or any other entity do not accept English degrees that are too old, is a consequence of the fact that languages, if they are left in disuse for a certain time and are not practiced, become stagnant and lose fluency. It is for this reason that companies and universities assume the right to request that it be demonstrated that measures have been taken to continue in contact with English and its practice.


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