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Online education platform which makes it easy for students to connect with a suitable Education center

Sector: Education


   CEO : José Carlos O´Donnell Luque

Tipe of Product: Intermediary



Date of fundation: September 2019


Team members: 15


Investment needed: 146.500 €


Problem / Solution

Until now this no student or professional was able to find an answer without extensive and time consuming research on internet and in person visiting language centers personally. Examenexam offers the answer of the key issues in only a few second for the student.


Examenexam was designed and programmed from scratch to fulfill all the needs from language centers and students to make it easy for both to connect.


Only Cambridge certificated over 7 million students in 2019 . The average exam cost is 176€ which makes a total market volume of over 1 billion euros

Business model:

We take minimum 10% comission of every transaction.


2019: Launch

2020: Open the Spanish , Mexican, Italian and Indian market .

2021  Launch the 2. product for exam preparation . Open the American and Uk market .

2021 3 Quarter Launch the 3 product for driving exams reistration and preparation.


Contact : inversion@examenexam.com +34 691681072 www.examenexam.com

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