Faq. Exámenes Cambridge

My name is wrong on my Cambridge certificate

Information for candidates who have taken a Cambridge Assessment English exam

If the spelling of your name on your Cambridge Assessment English exam certificate is incorrect, a modified certificate can be provided to you within two years of the exam date. Please contact the authorized exam center where you took the exam, as they can arrange to print a modified certificate. Your center will be able to inform you of any charges that may apply.

You will need to return the incorrect certificate to your test center before a modified certificate can be submitted. 

Amended certificates can only be submitted within two years of the exam date.

If you have changed your name by survey for reasons of marriage or divorce, the name on your certificate cannot be changed. The name on your certificate should reflect your name at the time you took the exam.

If you have undergone a legal gender change, been adopted, or are under witness protection, contact your test center as they can advise on what is required to obtain a new certificate.