Faq. Exámenes Cambridge

Lost or Damaged Cambridge Certificates

If you have lost your certificate

If you have taken a Cambridge English exam or teaching qualification but have lost your certificate, you can request a Cambridge Assessment English Certification Statement.

A Certification Statement contains all the information found on your original certificate, we validate it, and can be used as official evidence of your results, for example when you apply to university.

To request a Certification Statement, please complete the correct online application form:

The form will explain how much it will cost and how long it will take. If you need your Certification Statement urgently, you can select the fast track service and your request will be processed within 7 business days of receipt of payment confirmation. There is an additional charge for this service.

A certification statement is the only certificate replacement service we offer. Unfortunately, we are unable to send you another copy of your certificate.

If your certificate has been damaged

If your certificate has been damaged, we can only issue a duplicate copy if:

  • The original (damaged) certificate is returned to your center.
  • The corresponding fee is paid. Your test center can confirm this fee for you.
  • The application is made no more than five years after the issuance of the certificate. After this time, you will need to request a Certification Statement (see above).

You will need to speak to your test center, who will request a replacement on your behalf. You can find the contact details for our test centers around the world on our website here.