Is it very difficult for you to learn English?

Nov 27, 2020

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Is it very difficult for you to learn English?

We know that English has become a pending subject for many of us, that we have to study it because that would mean an improvement in our lives in many aspects, but there is a certain rejection and a kind of feeling insufficient before the study of English that we prevent even putting us.

Do not despair, in most cases it is about prejudice, fear and lack of illusion. We do not see any more meaning than work or academic and that, of course, can become very frustrating and make us an endless goal just thinking about having to dedicate time to the study of English. In today's article we want to help you recognize the mistakes we usually make when dealing with a language such as English and that make us unable to achieve our goals. Surely you feel identified with some of them, or with several, or a little with all.

Basic mistakes we make when studying English

 It may be that you have never really tried or that you have tried a thousand times, on the contrary, but you never get anywhere and end up quitting. It is simply about thoughts that accompany us and that we allow to dominate us. But if we are able to see that it is about that, of simple thoughts, and that we are much more than all that, you will take a good impulse and you will not stop doing what you want: in this case, to study English and certify a good level. Look at these thoughts that usually accompany us as students who are going to face the study of English and that end up paralyzing us:

  • "I'm not good for studying languages" or "I'm very bad at English", among other thoughts that are very frequent among the population and that end up dominating you. Surely if you think like that, you assume that it is impossible. It may be that it costs you work, that you have a slower pace than anyone else, but that's it. It is a question of rhythms, of time. It is essential that you do not compare yourself to anyone. There is no specific time that is correct , the necessary time, to study and learn English well. Each person has its own and you don't have to care what the others have. You accept yours, work at your own pace and enjoy that time. Concentrate on your goal and take steps.
  • In relation to the previous thought, another of the mistakes that we have become used to making is that a language is learned in months. A very different thing is to prepare an exam to have a degree and another very different thing is to learn the language. And you have to be clear that the certificate cannot be obtained if you have not gone through the slow learning process before. It is about knowing and mastering a new language , and that is not learned in three or four months, or in a year. It requires accepting it, with joy, with work and consistency and thus we will be able to dedicate a time of our life to deepen in a language and to master it completely, which is what it is about.
  • Another widespread prejudice is being embarrassed to speak English , but why? It is again a comparison. Of course, you will speak it more slowly in the first levels, you will have difficulties understanding and expressing yourself, all those things that are normal and that you have to go through if you want to learn a foreign language, in this case English. It is closely related to what we have seen previously, a language is learned with time, slowly, step by step. You cannot pretend to communicate as in your own, in your native language, in a foreign one if it is not based on time, practice and immersion. Be very careful with the intention of imitating accents. It is not necessary, the wealth is in being able to communicate from your characteristics. It's the beauty. Respect your accent and your culture.
  • Do you practice English enough? Do not limit yourself to study hours either in academies or on your own, since that time is for internalization, but learning a language requires a lot of practice time, which is necessary to advance and refine knowledge well. Maximum immersion and the longest time listening and being in contact with the English language is necessary. That's why you have to read in English, watch movies, listen to music, pop your devices in English and everything you can and can think of to be able to practice it for as long as possible. You will realize that this is the springboard to learn more and improve.

In summary…

It is essential that you consider yourself to start your true motivation. Why have you set the goal of studying English? It may be that you feel like it and that is essential. But if you have to do it out of obligation or because everyone has an English degree and you have to do it…, be very careful because if you lack the ingredient of motivation, there is little you can do. Think about enjoying the process, in traveling, in meeting people through this project, in learning… If all this motivates you, go ahead, and put an end to the thoughts that limit you. If you keep getting lazy and not finding the desire, let it be. Perhaps there is another language that motivates you and that you want a lot more, and that is the one you have to study even if it does not have great social recognition. Or perhaps, in the end, you realize that you do not want to study a new language, no foreign language; If so, let it be and do not force yourself because in the end all you are going to achieve is wasting your time and energy, frustrating yourself a lot.

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