Structure of the official English TOEFL IBT exam and the possibility of doing it from home

It is the most preferred certificate for foreign universities. Assesses the student on their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. They guarantee the student a better preparation compared to other people who have not taken the exam. Dec 3, 2020 #Toelf #English #Examen de inglés #Exams

All guides to official English exams

If you are thinking of taking an official exam to certify your level of English, we want to help you decide with this article Nov 25, 2020 #Cambridge #Aptis #Toelf #Toeic #Exams

8 reasons to get a language degree from Cambridge or another prestigious institution

A good CV is essential to compete for a job position. A language certificate is also a personal satisfaction. Nov 24, 2020 #Oxford #Trinity #Anglia #Aptis #Toelf #Cambridge exams #Examen de inglés

TOEFL test, a small big step

The TOEFL exam, Test of English as a Foreign Language, is an excellent option to certify our knowledge and skills in the Anglo-Saxon language and obtain an English degree. Nov 20, 2020 #Toelf #Exams

It is interesting to have an English degree from Cambridge on your CV

Obtaining an English degree from Cambridge is worth it to complete your curriculum. It is a differentiating element, as we will tell you in this article Nov 20, 2020 #Cambridge #Oxford #Trinity #Anglia #Aptis #Toelf #Toeic #LanguageCert #Cambridge exams #Examen de inglés

Knowing how much it costs to get an official Englis degree is ideal

Do you know how much it costs to get an official English degree? First, know your skills and then you can get certified at the best university Nov 20, 2020 #Cambridge #Oxford #Trinity #Anglia #Aptis #Toelf #Toeic #Examen de inglés

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