Who corrects the Speaking of the Aptis exam?

The Aptis General exam is a certificate that measures your fluency in English. The speaking test consists of answering a series of questions dictated by a computer program. Who corrects the speaking part of the Aptis exam? Find out in this article. Oct 29, 2021 #Aptis

How many times can I take the Aptis exam?

Sometimes students ask us if there are any limits when it comes to taking the Aptis exams. We invite you to read our article. It will help you! Oct 29, 2021 #Aptis

How many points do you need to pass the B1 Aptis?

Let's go with one of the most popular questions about Aptis certificates: How many points do I need to pass the B1 Aptis? In this article, you will find all the information you need. Take a look! Oct 29, 2021 #Aptis

All guides to official English exams

If you are thinking of taking an official exam to certify your level of English, we want to help you decide with this article Nov 25, 2020 #Cambridge #Aptis #Toelf #Toeic #Exams

Books and tips for learning English on your own

The academies do not generally offer you a schedule compatible with your personal and work circumstances. But what if you prepare for the English test on your own? Nov 24, 2020 #Cambridge #Trinity #Aptis #Curiosities #Exams

8 reasons to get a language degree from Cambridge or another prestigious institution

A good CV is essential to compete for a job position. A language certificate is also a personal satisfaction. Nov 24, 2020 #Oxford #Trinity #Anglia #Aptis #Toelf #Cambridge exams #Examen de inglés

English test preparation statistics

More women than men enroll to achieve an official English certificate. There is no age to study English. Obtaining an official certificate is a goal to achieve for us Nov 24, 2020 #Cambridge #Oxford #Trinity #Anglia #Aptis #Ielts #Toeic #LanguageCert #Cambridge exams #Examen de inglés

What you need to know to be successful when taking your APTIS exam

APTIS allows evaluating the degree of command of English in its different modalities: oral or written expression and understanding. In turn, there are several levels to measure the degree of experience in handling English. Nov 20, 2020 #Aptis #Examen de inglés #Exams

It is interesting to have an English degree from Cambridge on your CV

Obtaining an English degree from Cambridge is worth it to complete your curriculum. It is a differentiating element, as we will tell you in this article Nov 20, 2020 #Cambridge #Oxford #Trinity #Anglia #Aptis #Toelf #Toeic #LanguageCert #Cambridge exams #Examen de inglés

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