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What English qualification is required for university?

For now, there is no uniformity in the criteria for requiring a certain level for the Spanish university. As planned by the previous Rajoy government for the year 2027, all universities should require level B2 to obtain the degree. Level required, currently from the Ministry of Education it is a B1 level and is the one that it is currently required in most universities. However, several centers of Catalonia, Cantabria, Madrid, the Balearic Islands and Valencia already require B2. That is, at most the equivalent of First Certificate.

To do?

The best thing is that you inform yourself at the university where you plan to do your studies, if in the study program of your degree there is training in English and on the certificate that guarantees the level of knowledge to obtain the title.

In the event of not knowing which language degree is accepted at your university, you can consult the table of certificates accepted by the Association of Language Centers at Higher Education (ACLES) and the Conference of Rectors of Universities Spanish (CRUE). You will see that the B1, B2 and TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) are currently the most demanded.

Andalusian universities

Currently the competences that exist in education offer the possibility to each autonomous community to determine the linguistic requirements to obtain the grade.

For example, in Andalusian universities to obtain a Bachelor's degree, the student must prove the domain at least level B1 of a foreign language. Language accreditation is essential to qualify for the mobility calls of students, PDI and PAS and also a merit in the selection processes, case of accredit a level higher than required.

Undergraduate students who certify a level B1 or higher will have the right to apply for an aid from the US.

Catalonia, Balearic Islands and Cantabria

Thus, for example, students who have graduated from the universities of Catalonia since academic year 2018-2019 must prove a level of English -or another third language- equivalent to B2, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (MECR), but other communities such as the Balearic Islands or Cantabria require level B1.

Private university

In the case of the private Nebrija University “the requirement of English to obtain the grade is determined by memories. There are degrees that require in their subject programs in English and, in addition, it is mandatory to accredit the title C1 and B2.

This measure applies to Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Audiovisual Communication, Digital Design, Marketing, Journalism, Advertising and PR, Tourism, Economy and International Business.

In summary

After the latest reforms in education, the aim is to achieve higher levels of English elevated.

In public universities, until now, a degree in English is not required except that the opposite is contemplated in some degree or situation, for example with careers

such as philology, translation or tourism. However, in most universities, many subjects are done in this language, so it will be necessary to pass them or carry out work if you choose these subjects.

Virtually all universities insist on mastering this language. In fact, more than 10% of universities require a B2 level in English (this percentage exceeds the 40% for master's studies). That is why becoming familiar with English at ages early is highly recommended.

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