Faq. Exámenes Cambridge

How to check the verification of Cambridge qualifications?

Organizations can verify candidates' Cambridge Assessment English results through an online service. Find out how:

Information for Cambridge Assessment English candidates

If you have been asked to prove that your Cambridge Assessment English result or certificate is official and they need to verify it, please inform your university or employer that they can verify the results of most Cambridge Assessment English exams free of charge through the Service of  Cambridge Assessment English  Results Verification .

To verify your result, you will need to submit your results through the  Candidate Results online portal. You can find instructions on how to submit your results  here. 

If you have not yet registered on the Candidate Results Online site, you will need your identification and secret number. Both numbers can be found on the Entry Confirmation that you should have received when you registered for your exam. If you no longer have your Entry Confirmation, please contact your test center as they will be able to reissue the details for you.

If your test center has closed or if your employer or university informs you that your test is not available in the Cambridge Assessment English Result Verification Service, please  contact us.


Information for organizations that verify a result

If you are an organization or institution and you want to verify the result of a candidate, follow the instructions in  Verification of results - Process to recognize organizations. 

What if I cannot use the Results Verification Service?

Exams that are not available in the Results Verification Service (for example: exams taken before 2005, teaching grades, etc.) can be verified using the Manual Verification Request for Recognized Organizations form  here 

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