Faq. Exámenes Toeic

What is the validity of the TOEIC?

Giving an answer to those who ask us: What is the validity of the "toeic"? we will say that this certificate does not have an expiration date; Although, it lends itself to confusion, let's try to dispel with our answer.

Valid for two years

It should be very clear that the validity of the "Toeic" does not have an expiration date, however, you must pay close attention when using it, as it depends on other factors. What marks the temporary validity of a certificate is the age with which it is it is accepted at the destination and / or in the place where it is going to be presented. In consequence, it will always depend on the entity that requests and receives it, not on the issuer, a it happens with STDs. (ETS Global and representatives will reissue and confirm the score results for 2 years after taking the exam).

Which is the reason?

Language skills can improve or deteriorate depending on whether a person continues to learn and use the language. For example, when studying in the foreigner or, conversely, by ceasing to communicate in the language, the competition can increase or decrease over time.

Indeed when someone examines either to obtain the TOEIC certificate or any other, at that time its result reflects in case of approval that the examinee demonstrates his proficiency in English and therefore fulfills the established in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It is natural, this student in the course of time and depending on his practice has been able to improve or otherwise worsen their skills.

For this reason your duty station has the power to establish how old you accept the qualifications that the applicant presents. Therefore, we advise you to consult the regulation, law, ordinance and / or conditions of the body or company where you have to present it.

In summary

It is good for us to remind you that the official TOEIC certificate does not expire, and that you must inform yourself at the destination of the admission deadlines.

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