Faq. Exámenes Toeic

How much does the Toeic exam cost?

The TOEIC is a standardized test that gives reliable results test after test, assesses proficiency at all levels (beginner to advanced) in all professional and social categories. The TOEIC test provides excellent benefits to individuals, schools, and students. Provides an objective rating of English language proficiency, recognized in all the world.

What is the TOEIC valid for?

The TOEIC test is highly reliable and accurate, it is available on demand and presents quick test scores and reports. Individual test takers consider the TOEIC test to be a very good medium to apply for new positions, obtain credentials, and monitor your own improvement in English.

Schools use the TOEIC test to place students in proficiency levels, language learning, demonstrate the progress of English language learners and evaluate the effectiveness of the program. Businesses, from small businesses to multinationals rely on the TOEIC test to document progress in English training programs, to recruit, promote and hire employees and implement a common measurement standard across multiple corporate sites.

The TOEIC test is the most recognized English language test in the world; more than 1.7 million people were tested last year.

What is the price of the TOEIC test?

The price of the TOEIC test usually varies by country and will also depend on the institution. In addition, the prices of the Official TOEIC Certificate vary depending on whether you intend to obtain the full Official Certificate (TOEIC 4 SKILLS), or by the contrary, if you are only interested in one of its parts (L&R / S&W), good because you want to get a better grade in relation to the last attempt you made in that part in particular, or if you stop at your job or opposition to which you have to face only require one of them in particular.

For example, if you need to obtain a global B2 (in the 2 parts) and you have not reached this score in any of them, you just have to re-enroll for the part that you require, without having to pay for the full exam or reexamine yourself something that you have already approved and passed at the time.

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