Faq. Exámenes Linguaskill

What special needs to take the Linguaskill exam can I request?

Candidates with special requirements will be required to take a paper version of the Linguaskill Reading and Listening and Writing exams. We have several ways to help test candidates who have special requirements, such as:

  • Visual difficulties

  • Hearing difficulties

The arrangements we can provide are listed below:

  • Braille question brochures and text brochures in contracted or non-contracted versions for blind candidates
  • Extended question brochures and text brochures for visually impaired candidates
  • Special Requirements Version Listening CD for Blind and Visually Impaired Candidates
  • Lip reading version of the hearing test for hearing impaired candidates
  • Take reading or listening tests as individual modes

* We are currently unable to provide arrangements for candidates with special requirements who wish to take the Linguaskill exam online. The Linguaskill test cannot support the use of accessibility software (this includes screen readers and screen magnification software).

How to apply:

If you want to request special assistance, you will need to submit the Linguaskill Special Arrangement Request Form below. All requests for special arrangements must be submitted three weeks prior to the date you plan to run the test.



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