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Results C1 Advanced

Results C1 Advanced

C1 Results are reported on the Cambridge English Scale.

You will receive a separate score for each of the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and the use of English, giving you a clear understanding of your performance. These five scores are averaged to give you an overall result for the test. You will also be awarded a grade and level  of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages  (CEFR).

For more information on the Cambridge English Scale, download the fact sheet

When will I receive my C1 advanced income statement?

All candidates receive a Statement of Results, and if you are successful in the exam, you will also receive a certificate.

Your Results Statement is posted online, approximately four to six weeks after the exam for paper-based exams, and two to three weeks after the exam for computer-based exams. The fastest way to get your results is to sign up for the free online results service.

When will I receive my C1 Advanced certificate?

The certificate is sent to your test center approximately three weeks after the results are available. Your test center then sends it to you.

  • If you took a paper exam, your certificate will be sent to your center seven to nine weeks after your exam date.
  • If you took a computer exam, your certificate will be sent to your center five to six weeks after the exam date.

Advanced C1 Scale Scores

Depending on which college, university or organization you are applying to, you may be required to get a specific score or grade, either in general or for a particular skill. For C1 Advanced, the following scores will be used to report results:

Cambridge English Scale Score  Degree / CEFR  CEFR level
200-210 Grade A  C2
193-199 Grade B C1
180-192 Grade C C1
160-179 Level B2  B2

The exam is aimed at Level C1 of the CEFR. The exam also provides a reliable assessment at the level above C1 (Level C2) and at the level below (Level B2).

Scores between 142 and 159 are also reported for C1 Advanced. You will not receive a certificate, but your Cambridge English Scale score will show on your Results Statement.

The following illustrates the relationship between the CEFR levels, the Cambridge English Scale and the marks awarded in C1 Advanced:

Diagram of where C1 Advanced is aligned on the CEFR and Cambridge English Scale

What is a statement of results?

Your results statement contains the following information:

  • your score on the Cambridge English Scale for each of the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and use of English
  • your grade (A, B, C, level B2) for the general exam
  • your CEFR level for the general exam.

Find out how to understand your C1 Advanced Results Statement (for exams taken in January 2015 and after)

Download a sample results statement for C1 Advanced

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