Faq. Exámenes Cambridge

What will my results look like and how will I access them?

After consideration, you can see your results on the website results in  line . The results will be available on the date indicated. If you have not received an entry confirmation or details on how to register on the online results website, please speak to your test center, who will be able to assist you.

Click the image below to see an example rating.

Your rating will include:

  • Your result: the final grade you obtained for your exam.
  • Your Overall Score: Your overall Cambridge English Scale score for the entire exam.
  • Your CEFR level: the level of the Common European Framework of Reference that you achieved.
  • Your individual part scores: your Cambridge English Scale score for each of the skills measured by the exam; Reading, writing, listening, speaking (and use of English for some tests). With these individual points, you can easily see how you performed on the exam and what skills you may need to improve.
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