What is the Trinity GESE 10 Exam?

The GESE 10 exam is the first of the C1 level grades of the official exams endorsed by Trinity University. This exam is used to evaluate the level of English in communicative situations that already require a high command of the language using formal expressions and grammar and vocabulary adapted to the minimum level required as well as very fluent and confident communication about the topics being dealt with. This exam only evaluates the oral part and is a good option to certify your high level of English or to continue in the case of having passed the previous levels.

What level can I certify with this exam?

The Trinity GESE 10 exam is governed by the level scale proposed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, belonging to the European Union. Within this Framework, it is equivalent to level C1.

Who is it suitable for?

This exam can be taken by both young people and adults who already have a high command of the language.

Official recognitions

Trinity exams have international recognition and all their exams are fully accredited by the educational authorities of the United Kingdom (OfQual) as well as recognized worldwide by Universities, companies, and various organizations.

What is the structure and duration of the exam?

Test Duration
Topic presentation Max 5 minutes
Topic discussion Max 5 minutes
Interactive task Max 5 minutes
Listening task Max 3 minutes
Conversation Max 6 minutes

The Trinity GESE 10 - C1.1 exam lasts no more than 25 minutes and is divided into five stages:

  • Topic presentation: Presentation of a Formal Topic (the Topic is the main subject of the exam based on a topic of personal interest that the candidate must have prepared in advance, in this case it has to be a formal topic as it is a high level). In this task the candidate has the opportunity to demonstrate their command of the language on the subject of their presentation. At the end of the task the candidate must invite the examiner to ask questions and make comments.
  • Topic discussion: In this phase the candidate and the examiner will have a discussion about the Topic. The purpose of this activity is for both to exchange ideas and opinions on it and the candidate must be able to challenge the examiner and respond to their comments to justify, exemplify and argue their opinion on the ideas of their Topic.
  • Interactive task: From GESE 7 this new task comes into action which consists of an interactive exercise with the examiner. The examiner reads the beginning of a text on a topic or situation and the candidate has to ask questions to find out more information and make comments. In this phase the objective is for the candidate to demonstrate their skills to control and maintain a continuous interaction with the examiner using the language functions appropriate to the level.
  • Listening task: The purpose of this task is for the candidate to demonstrate their high-level listening comprehension skills and be able to predict, deduce and recognize different situations and respond to questions.
  • Conversation: As in the previous levels, this is a conversation with the examiner in which the candidate at this level must demonstrate their skills in the lexical, phonological and grammatical field appropriate to a C1 level. At this level for the conversation topic that is going to be discussed during the exam there are 2 lists (List A) and (List B). The candidate only prepares one of the lists and once the exam starts, the examiner will choose 2 topics from the selected list to converse with the candidate.

Is this exam face-to-face or online?

Trinity exams are taken in person at an official examination center. Regarding the modality, depending on the center, GESE exams can either be taken with an examiner in person face-to-face or through video conferencing.

How is this exam evaluated?

The examiner evaluates the candidate by awarding a letter grade A, B, C or D which is classified as follows:

  • A: Distinction (excellent performance)
  • B: Merit (good performance)
  • C: Pass (satisfactory performance)
  • D: Fail (insufficient performance)

How long does it take to get the results? What is their validity?

All candidates receive a Grade Report and if the exam is passed also a certificate.

Although the official period for the publication of marks established by Trinity for GESE exams is 4 weeks, in most cases this period is considerably shortened being able to receive the results in a few days and the certificate in approximately 2 or 3 weeks. Trinity College London certificates have no expiration date, they are valid for life.

How can I register from home?

You can register for these exams through our website quickly and safely without paperwork, with your mobile or computer and in 5 minutes. After registration for your exam, you will receive the registration confirmation by mail automatically after purchase. A week before the exam date, the examination center will contact you to indicate the time and place of the same.

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