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LanguageCert B1 Achiever Examen completo (online desde casa) (B1)


If you have a B1 level of English and want to take advantage of it, today we want to propose that you consider the possibility of taking the B1 Achiever Exam, which you have the possibility of doing online, from home or anywhere in the world. As you can see, it is a very comfortable test, which is adjusted to the needs of the candidates and which has a great repercussion at the level of job recognition, academic, etc. Therefore, we believe that it is an important opportunity to consider if you plan to prepare for an official English exam, for level B1. In this article we explain the characteristics of the exam, how to prepare it on your own and the safest way to enroll.


What is the LangaugeCert exam

The LanguageCert International ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) certification, from the PeopleCert Group, consists of a validation of knowledge of the English language adapted to the new times.  

The certification focuses on offering the tools most adapted to the language learning environment that prevails today, introducing real communicative scenarios that make it possible for the candidate to develop their expression skills while expanding their domain of grammar. It offers you the possibility of taking the exam anywhere in the world, whenever you want, through the most advanced and appropriate technology for it. The organization has more than 10,000 exam locations and offers you the possibility of taking them remotely with total rigor, thanks to the implementation of  Online Proctoring and Instant Scan & Mark technologies . The exams are characterized by: 

- Providing a  learning methodology  focused on developing the skills of expression.

- Establish an  evaluation system  in which the written and oral examinations are organized separately.

- Analyze the results with agility and issue  digital certificates on paper and  similarly, 10 days after the date of examination.

All this is done by measuring the levels of comprehension and expression based on four basic criteria:

- Reading.




Written and oral examinations are performed separately, and overcoming the various tests gives you the opportunity to get two different certificates, one for each field. In addition, it is a certification that has frequent exams, although demand takes place under official centers enrolled in the program who perform the tests on their premises presently.

The following link have available the information that the LanguageCert considers essential to its candidates, review it well:


LanguageCert International ESOL B1 Achiever


Tests LanguageCert International ESOL B1 evaluate the four language skills of candidates which may include clear information on family matters, deal with situations that arise during the trip, produce simple texts, describe experiences and provide reasons and explanations. Tests LanguageCert International ESOL B1 are the first basic step towards Communicator B2 level.


What you will achieve with the examination B1 Achiever Exam: You can understand the main points of a standard communication clear, convey information, feelings and opinions on familiar topics (family, work, school or leisure), engage in a discussion to reach a shared understanding, produce a simple connected text and describe experiences and events, hopes and ambitions.


You have learned the basics of English and now you have practical language skills for everyday use. You can now read a simple magazine or newspaper in English, writing a daily email to a friend or colleague, create simple texts on topics of personal interest, comprise an informal discussion in English and deal with most travelling situations where the language is spoken.


To the complete level B1 Achiever, it means that you have developed your ability to communicate in English for practical situations and tasks and have laid the groundwork to improve your work, study and travel prospects with internationally recognized certification.


There are two tests for this level:


- Written exam: listening, reading, writing.


- Consideration spoken.


Written test exam Exam B1 Achiever


In the following tables you will see in detail the characteristics of the various tests:



Answer Type


Part 1

7 questions

Three-option multiple choice for each of the seven utterances to choose the Appropriate Response

Listen twice to seven short sentences: statement, explanation, description, instruction or question

Part 2

6 questions

Two three-option multiple choice questions for each of the three conversations

Listen twice to three short conversations with two speakers to Identify: topic, purpose, context, speakers, GIST, relationship Between speakers, roles, functions, attitudes, feeling and opinions

Part 3

7 questions

A message pad with a heading and seven prompts and space to write the correct information for each prompt. Answers are one to five words

Listen twice to a broadcast radio, talk, narrative, presentation, etc to Identify specific information

Part 4

6 questions

Six three-option multiple choice questions

Listen to a discussion twice to Identify gist, examples, fact, opinion, contrast, purpose, key ideas, attitude, cause and effect

Total: 26 questions



Answer Type


Part 1

5 questions

Five three-option multiple choice for each text to complete

Five short texts each with one gap testing layout, lexis, cohesive devices, coherence

Part 2

6 questions

Choice of seven sentences to choose from to complete the six gaps. One sentence is provided as a distractor

One text with six sentences removed, eg topic sentence, sentence Summarizing, developing idea emphasising a point, opinion, contrast, sequence, forward / back reference, transition to New Idea

Part 3

7 questions

Seven questions to Indicate Which Provides text the answer to each question

Four short texts, eg email, article, advert, etc. linked with a theme, but with a different purpose

Part 4

8 questions

Eight open-ended 'wh' short answers questions Requiring of one to three words

A continuous text: narrative, descriptive, expository, biographical, instructive

Total: 26 questions



Answer Type


Part 1

70-100 words

Appropriately Respond to a text Given to produce a response for an Intended Formal public audience

Instruction to write a response to a letter, poster, diary, timetable, leaflet, etc for a specified reader and a number of content Clearly defined points to be addressed

Part 2

100-120 words

Produces an Informal letter to a friend

Instruction to write a letter on a topic of individual interest Given with two functions to be included, eg invite a friend to stay, describe what you will do


The oral test exam Exam B1 Achiever


To find out what the oral exam is like, look at the following table:




Part 1

  • Give name and spell
  • Give country of origin
  • Answer five questions

Part 2

  • Two or three Situations are presented by the party and candidates respond to and initiate interactions

Part 3

  • Exchange information to similarities and differences identify in pictures of family situations

Part 4

  • 30 seconds of preparation time
  • Talk about a topic provided by the party for half a minute
  • Answer follow-up questions



How to prepare the exam B1 Achiever Exam on your own: tips and materials


Remember to be as orderly as possible during the study because it is not easy to prepare a test like this on your own. We recommend that from day one you think a plan with an exclusive agenda that annotate anything on the exam and your studies that you fulfill it with commitment and enthusiasm, because if not you can neither advance nor achieve the objective proposed.


It is also good that you contact others who have been through the same as you, that is, who have already taken the exam Archive B1 Test of English for them to explain their experiences. Search for networks and you will find everything you need.


Also you would do well to contact with people who are like you, preparing the test, because having a circle of people in the same situation helps a lot to answer questions, learn about changes or news you did not know, collect material, etc.


LanguageCert offers candidates this information, which can be of help to prepare for the test:


It also makes available to whoever needs this set of resources to prepare directly the characteristics of the tests:


To perform these tests Achiever B1 exam exam, you have to have knowledge of English at intermediate level, ie B1 level. You can not show if you did not previously have studied and prepared the level, so it would be interesting to start off with this, with some general English book that would help you control all the contents of the B1 and always you had close by if you come any questions . If you consider it necessary, LanguageCert offers you the possibility to perform this test and check your English: Once you have strengthened the level and content:

- Proof Reading makes you dedicate read English all you can and more. Try to get with daily readings, whether newspapers, blogs, social networks, etc. But beyond that, you need to read complete books adapted to your level, this reading list graded for the B1 level of English, which can help a lot to start taking contact with literature and other uses of the English language. Do not forget to note down all relevant and new things to you, to later implement it in your conversations or written.