DELF B1 Junior / Scolaire

DELF B1 Junior / Scolaire is aimed at adolescents from 11 to 18 years old preparing for the Junior and School Diploma of French Language Studies (DELF) and exists for each level of this diploma, from A1 to B2. The Junior et Scolaire versions of the DELF are similar to the DELF Tout Public, with supports and themes tailored to the interests of young people.

Diploma of studies in French language

Harmonized under the Common European Framework of Reference ( CEFR ), each diploma corresponds to one of four levels. For each level, the student undergoes a series of tests that assess the four communication skills: written and oral comprehension and expression. 

Since September 1, 2005, the DELF and DALF National Commission has offered a version of the DELF aimed at the adolescent public enrolled in public and private schools.

DELF B1 Junior / Scolaire

I must study DELF B1 Junior / Scolaire if I can:
- Tell an event, an experience, a dream.
- Describe a hope, a goal, a project.
- Give my opinion and justify it with arguments.
- Express my feelings.
- Express my agreement or disagreement and explain the reason.
- Understand the important elements of the news (newspaper article, television news, radio program)
- Make proposals, hypotheses, give advice.
- Convince someone.
- Survive in unforeseen situations of daily life and when traveling to a country
- Organize a presentation or a speech, in a logical order.

Skills level B1

- Is able to understand the main points of plain texts and in standard language if they deal with familiar issues, whether in work, study or leisure situations.
- Knows how to cope with most of the situations that may arise during a trip through areas where the language is used.
- Is able to produce simple and coherent texts on topics that are familiar to him or in which he has a personal interest.
- Can describe experiences, events, wishes and aspirations, as well as briefly justify their opinions or explain their plans.

Organization of exams

DELF B1 Junior / School is a complete and efficient preparation that is organized around the four skills assessed by the diploma:
- Oral comprehension
- Writing comprehension
- Oral production

- Written production

Exam content

The DELF B1 Junior / Scolaire exam consists of two different parts: written and oral. Students will take the written part of the DELF B1 exam first and will be invited to the oral part a second time.

The written part is divided into several tests:
- Oral comprehension
- Written comprehension

- Written production

The oral interview is conducted by Delf examiners and lasts only 5-10 minutes. An oral preparation is allowed for 10 minutes after meeting the subjects. The Delf B1 oral is organized in 3 stages: questions asked by the Delf examiner, questions from the students and then a simulated dialogue between the student and the examiner on the basis of a role play.

There are three collective tests where other candidates take the test at the same time, in the same room. And an individual test where each candidate is alone in front of 2 examiners.

Exam features

The DELF B1 Junior / Scolaire gives the right to obtain a diploma identical to the version for all audiences.

- Total mark out of 100 points
- Minimum points to pass: 50/100 (a mark in one skill can compensate for a lower mark in another skill)
- Minimum mark required in each skill: 5/25
- A mark below 5 points out of 25 in a test is eliminatory! 

To prepare for the DELF B1 Junior / Scolaire exam:


DELF B1 Junior / Scolaire exam description

Collective tests


Listening to comprehension :
3 exercises of listening to documents
and answering questions.

25 minutes

Reading comprehension :
2 exercises
Read documents and answer questions.

45 minutes

Written production :
1 exercise
Write 1 text of at least 160 words.

45 minutes


Individual test


Oral composition: 3 parts
Directed by maintenance /
Expression of a perspective / Interaction of exercise

15 minutes of preparation 
Test: 10 minutes


Below we share a video of an example of written comprehension exam DELF B1 Junior / Scolaire :

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