In this article, we deal with the DELF level A2 Pro, transit level, but necessary to consolidate yourself and take a greater impulse to continue your studies of the French language, since you can already face situations with which you are going to acquire base, experiences, and impulse to continue.

DELF Pro A2 constitutes the second level of DELF Pro. The DELF Pro A2 recognizes the French linguistic competence of a basic user in a Francophone professional context. Do you work in a French-speaking company and carry out various professional activities? DELF Pro A2 assesses whether you are able to carry out your different activities in relation to different services and co-workers.

A2 Transient level

At level A2 (transit level), we will find the majority of descriptors indicating that social functions are found, such as the use of simple and polite forms of greeting and direction every day; greeting people, asking how they are, and reacting to the news; handle very brief social exchanges; ask and answer questions about what they do at work and in their free time; make and respond to invitations; discuss what to do, where to go, and arrange to meet; prepare and accept offers.

At level A2, we will also find the descriptors on how to go out: the simplified reduced version of the full set of transactional specifications at “the threshold level” for adults living abroad, such as: making simple transactions in shops, post offices, or banks; get simple travel information; use public transport: buses, trains, and taxis, ask for basic information, ask for and give directions and buy tickets; ordering and providing everyday goods and services.

The candidate for DELF Pro A2

Is able to understand frequently used phrases and expressions related to areas of experience that are especially relevant to him (basic information about himself and his family, shopping, places of interest, occupations, etc.). They know how to communicate when carrying out simple and daily tasks that do not require more than simple and direct exchanges of information on matters that are known or habitual to them.

You can describe in simple terms aspects of your past and your environment, as well as issues related to your immediate needs.

The exam

The DELF Pro A2 exam is based on CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) level A2. You can download a full DELF Pro A2 sample document below. The collective tests (listening, reading and writing) are found in the candidate's test booklet. The DELF Pro A2 candidate booklet also contains the instructions for the individual (oral) test. Individual (oral) test topics are found in the examiner's booklet. The audio document contains the listening exercises. Finally, you will find the correct versions of the listening and writing test in the proofreader's booklet.

Description of the DELF Pro A2 exam


Test type Duration Note on


Comprehension quizzes dealing with three or four short recordings of daily professional life (played twice).

The maximum length of recordings is 5 minutes.

About  25 minutes

/ 25


Comprehension questionnaires dealing with three or four written documents about daily professional life.

30 minutes

/ 25


Two brief writings (letter or message):

Describe an event or professional experience.

Invite, thank, apologize, ask for something, give information, congratulate in writing...

45 minutes

/ 25


Three-part test:

  • Guided conversation (Approximately 1 minute 30).

  • Monologue followed (approximately 2 minutes).

  • Interactive exercise (approximately 3-4 minutes).


Each related to professional situations.

6 to 8 minutes preparation 10 minutes

/ 25

The total duration of group tests: 1 hour 40 minutes.

Total score out of 100.

DELF Pro A2 overall passing score: 50/100.

 Minimum mark required per test: 5/25.

In addition, and if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time by phone or email.

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