About Examenexam.com

updated 06/18/2020

Examenexam.com was founded in Spain in 2019 as an online registration service for exams to facilitate the process for exam centers. Our mission is to help the technological updating of the exam center processes and make it easier for students to find the exams that suit them best.

As one of the largest exam platforms in Spain, and soon in the world, we bring together a large number of exam centers on the same platform. Examenexam.com makes it easy for its test centers anywhere in the world to reach a global audience and boost their business.

Examenexam.com is available in Spanish and is being translated into 5 languages ​​in 2020. All the official language certificates of international prestige are already present, and hundreds of centers and thousands of students are currently benefiting from our simple service online registration.

What does Examenexam.com offer?

A large number of official language exams, of all the existing certificates of the different languages ​​of the planet, organized according to their location and date of completion. The candidate can enroll in any of them in a simple registration and payment process. After registering, the exam center, which has offered the exam on the platform, will contact your student with all the details for the exam day. Examenexam.com guarantees the entire registration process until you receive the results of your exam, that is why we help the student at any time they need us.

In examenexam.com we also have a lot of information about the different language certificates and their exams, and guides to prepare them as best as possible.

Secure booking

Every day we process hundreds of transactions through our secure platform. We work with the highest security standards to guarantee your privacy. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Immediate confirmation

All registrations made through Examenexam.com are confirmed instantly. Once you have found the exam, it will only be a matter of a few clicks to register.

Personalized help

It does not matter if you have just enrolled or if you have already taken the exam: our support team is at your disposal to answer your questions and look after you. Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions for Candidates.

Added value for our collaborators

At Examenexam.com we believe that all certificates deserve to be discovered. That's why we want it easy for test centers around the world to sell themselves, reach new candidates, and grow their business with us.

For more information or to register your test center on Examenexam.com, take a look at our Partner Test Center Program .

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