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Which is more difficult Ielts or First?

As almost always when two exams are compared with each other, the differences do not usually refer to the quality of one and the other, so the choice is subject to the needs of the student for their employment, in this way, some can choose the First Certificate and others the IELTS. So it is not about comparing which is the most difficult.

The First Certificate Exams  

First Certificate has the recognized fame of being considered the most consistent reliable evidence of English proficiency for students whose first language is not English. And it also enjoys the consideration that at the same time is a great advantage that once obtained, the tests are valid for a lifetime. So by taking one of these exams you are proving that you have certain knowledge of the language, therefore with each exam you assume a different level.

The validity, as in all cases, will depend rather on the entity that demands and accepts your degree. If it considers that after two years of your exam, it is already considered unacceptable despite the fact that the vending entity gave it to you for life, it will have to examine you again, if you need the job.

The IELTS is considered a quality exam that supports you to request admission to universities and higher education internationally. Its great advantage is that the exams are carried out once a month and your result can be received after 13 days. This fact allows you a lot of flexibility and you can also get it very quickly.

IELTS is recognized by the vast majority of universities around the world and also, more and more companies are using it as a recruiting tool. Perhaps the disadvantage of IELTS over others is that it expires in two years. But also, it will depend on the body that requires said examination if it considers that all examinations, regardless of their validity, for them have no value two years after their issuance,

IELTS OR FIRST Which certificate are you most interested in?

Obviously this depends 100% on you and the goals you have set. If what you want is to obtain a certificate that proves your level of English and that lasts forever, the ideal is to do one of the ESOLs, trying to start with the First Certificate.

But if what you need is a proof of your exact level to be able to access a university or a certain job, then the ideal is that you do the IELTS. Think that there are universities or colleges that, in order to gain access, ask you for a certain score on the IELTS, so you must prepare well and dedicate time to it.

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