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What is the most advanced English test?

If you need to officially accredit your level of English, or you are just curious about know your current level, you should know that there are several alternatives, but the best continues to be attending an exam that evaluates your knowledge and skills in the speak that language. The big question arises by itself.

What is the most advanced English test ?

The best known are the First Certificate (basic level, equivalent to level B2), the Advanced English (more advanced, which is equivalent to a C1 level) and Proficiency English (high level, which is equivalent to a C2). They are the exams that English academies recommend the most .

What is the most advanced level?

By grade, Level C2 is the most advanced

Reading Writing Listening Speaking

Understand all kinds of

written without problems.

He just stumbles on a voice

very elaborate binary,

which does not prevent

total understanding.

Write all kinds of

writings. The topics

very important or

delicate still

some suppose


Understand without problems

except before people


they speak

quickly or with

strange accent.

If you are a determined person , you will speak effectively in all situations .

They can negotiate even important contracts.

It unfolds over the phone.