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What level of English is obtained with ESO?

According to the LOMCE, whoever completes ESO acquires the level equivalent to KET in English (Key English Test), which means that you have reached the Advanced Basic English degree, corresponding to A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR). Most students are aware that the English taught to them in the school and high school does not satisfy. For this reason, many students who finish the compulsory secondary education (ESO) does not have the slightest notion of what his level is real in English. Hence, we want to clarify that unknown.

But what level of real English do you have if you have achieved ESO?

The question that many ask themselves is is THAT really worth me as proof of knowing English? The truth is that if you have not studied in a bilingual school, the safest thing is that you have a lot of difficulties speaking English if even after ESO you haven't continued studies.

In any case, it must be taken into account that the European Framework is only a guide reference, that is, it is not an absolute index that everyone who studied ESO has reached the A2 level of English, or have the same knowledge of that language.

Some shortcomings

With this we want to tell you that it is completely normal that if you have studied up to THAT and you feel that you do not know English, it is a totally logical thought, it is because you probably have notions of the language, and that you also remember some things from grammar, but what is safer is that you will find it difficult to speak in English when you presents some situation to practice it.

Even if you have a Baccalaureate and have passed ESO (in which case you would have theoretically a B1 level of English), it is likely that you also feel that you do not speak the language still good.

Where should you start from to resume your English studies?

If you have studied English in ESO, but a few years have passed, the logical thing as we have said above, is that part of what you learned you have forgotten. Or maybe you have improved it. The point is, it is very likely that you have no idea what Real level of English you have.

So, what level of English do I have with ESO? You can only have an approximation it depends on many factors that cannot really be controlled. Do you know what level of English you really have? What level of English do I have with ESO?

Take a test

The best way for you to more accurately calibrate your true level of English is to take a test, in which you yourself can make the exact record of your level and from there resume your studies knowing what you should review and where to start over. The test can give you a rough idea to retake these studies from the right place to continue advancing.

Quick English level test:


Complete English level test: