Faq. Exámenes Toeic

What score do I need to pass the TOEIC test?

The TOEIC test is not the type of test that you "pass" or "fail." Not all jobs or assignments require the same level of English Proficiency. Because it was developed specifically to meet the needs of the workplace, the TOEIC test measures many skill levels. It allows test takers to demonstrate what they can currently achieve in English. The single, continuous scale also makes it possible for students to set achievable goals and to measure their progress as their English improves.
Many companies use the TOEIC test to establish their own standard score based on the levels of English necessary to carry out particular responsibilities. Your company may require employees to have a minimum TOEIC score due to the corresponding level of English that is needed at work. Many companies offer English training to help their employees achieve TOEIC target scores, which reflect specific levels of proficiency based on professional need.