Faq. Exámenes Toefl

What happens if I don't pass the Toefl?

The question that our readers ask us about the possibility of not passing the TOFL and its consequences deserves a fairly detailed answer so that we do not lead to error or misinterpretation.

What will happen if I fail?

It is evident that a failure in any exam at least forces you to wait for another call to make up for the fiasco. But in the case of TOEFL, the question is not simple. In any case, the contestant must foresee that the exam will not actually provide the desired result and have another option prepared.

What does it mean to fail the TOEFL?

You should know that the TOEFL is not suspended in the literal sense of the expression, the body that offers the TOEFL exam has not established any grade table that contains the failure or the approval, it will be the universities that will establish the admission criteria based on to the score obtained.

As a consequence, some higher schools may deny you admission if the score you have obtained is, for example, less than 100, or 110, depending on the requirement of each place.

In contrast, in other schools, a score of 70 or perhaps 65 is acceptable. So understanding what score you need to get into school will help you get a better idea of ​​what “failing” means and make the idea seem less “irritating” to you.

But in the case of "suspended", will I be able to present myself again?

The answer in this case is yes. You can repeat the IBT TOEFL exam every 12 days as many times as you want. In this sense, there are no limits. And you can take the exam again, naturally, depending on the time you need to prepare for the exam again.

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