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How long does it take to give the First results?

Some readers ask us, how long does it take to give the First results?

For those who do not know about this exam, we will explain it briefly. And then we will answer your question.

What is the First?

The Cambridge First has the ability to certify medium-high knowledge English, which means that if you pass it, you get the B2 CEFR certificate. The First is designed and distributed by the University of Cambridge. Its character and validity is international, so it is accepted by thousands of institutions throughout the world.

Another feature is that both grammar and vocabulary use expressions and UK's own English resources. This upper-intermediate level that certifies the First B2 FCE, it is only surpassed by the C1 Advanced and the C2 Proficiency of Cambridge. Both degrees are within the C level of English that certifies advanced knowledge and practically a native level of English.

What do you need the First for?

If your desire is to enter an English-speaking university, both for studies and for a master's degree, obtain a work visa in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand or Canada, you will have to certify a level, at least B2 per through the First Certificant.

When will you be able to have the results of your exam?

Your Score Report will be available online four to six weeks later of the paper-based test, and two to three weeks after the computer-based test.

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