Brief description

The ÖSD Integration Exam B1 was designed for immigrants in Austria – especially third country nationals – in order for them to fulfil Module 2 of the Austrian Integration Agreement, which comprises a linguistic part as well as a part about Austrian values.

For further information go to our references about the recognition of ÖSD exams in Austria.


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Exam target

The linguistic parts assess the candidates’ ability of independent language use in everyday and professional situations. All text and situations used reflect daily life in Austria. These parts correspond with the ÖSD Zertifikat Deutsch Österreich B1 regarding form and content.

The part values and orientation assesses the knowledge of basic values of legal and social regulations of the Austrian Republic. Contents and questions correspond with the framework curriculum of Annex A of the Austrian Integration Agreement Decree – IV-V 2017 as well as the practice material for the values and orientation course Mein Leben in Österreich. Chancen und Regeln (2016).

Exam parts



The overall, selective and detailed comprehension of different authentic text from Austria is assessed in three different tasks. In two more tasks (task 4-5) grammar and vocabulary are implicitly assessed.
Duration: 90 minutes

IP B1 Sample Test: Reading




Global and detailed comprehension of listening text in the standard language as spoken in Austria is assessed in three tasks.
Duration: approx. 30 minutes

IP B1 Sample Test: Listening




Four specifications have to be used to write a reply to an email, which is assessed according to predetermined criteria. You can choose between a personal or semi-formal situation.
Duration: 40 minutes

IP B1 Sample Test: Writing



Values and Orientation

Based on 18 questions the knowledge about basic values of legal and social regulations of the Austrian Republic is assessed.
Duration: 40 minutes

IP B1 Sample Test: Values and Orientation




The oral exam is taken in pairs or alone and consists of three different tasks: introducing yourself to one another, talking about a given topic and planning a joint activity. The oral examination is assessed according to predetermined criteria (see rating sheet).
Duration: approx. 15 minutes

IP B1 Sample Test: Speaking


Exam administration

The ÖSD integration exams A2 and B1 are offered by licensed ÖSD exam centres (according to IV-V 2017) throughout Austria. The exams are conducted by licensed ÖSD examiners.
When all parts of the exam (Reading, Listening, Writing, Values and orientation and Speaking) are successfully completed, a certificate for the integration exam will be issued. The candidates receive their certificate by registered mail. The ÖSD integration exams meet highest standards in test production and quality assurance and are recognized as official proof of language competence for residence permits (fulfilment of the Integration Agreement, citizenship). You can find the Exam Guidelines for Integration Exam A2 and B1 here.

Sample test

The sample test and the catalogue of questions about values and orientation combined make an efficient preparation for the ÖSD Integration Exam B1 possible. Here you can download the exercise sheets for Reading, Listening, Writing, Values and Orientation, and Speaking as well as the answer key and audio files.

Catalogue of questions

In addition to the sample exam there is a catalogue of questions, which contains a selection of possible exam questions (including answer keys) regarding values and orientation. You can find the catalogue of questions here.

Video example

You can find a video example for the oral exam here.

IP B1 Speaking: Joint exam

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