Exam target

ÖSD KID A1 assesses the linguistic competence of children and young learners in private, school-related and semi-public situations. It focuses on the simple and direct exchange of information regarding familiar topics.

This exam is offered for learners aged 10 years and over.

The exam ÖSD KID A1 comprises the two modules: Written exam (Reading, Listening and Writing) and Oral exam (Speaking), focusing mainly on the receptive skills Reading and Listening.


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Exam modules

Module: Written exam


The overall and detailed comprehension of different text is assessed in three different tasks.
Duration: 30 minutes

KID A1 Sample Test: Reading



Global and detailed comprehension of listening text in the standard language as spoken in Austria, Germany and Switzerland is assessed in three tasks.
Duration: approx. 15 minutes

KID A1 Sample Test: Listening


A personal email, which answers an email from another person has to be written. The text is assessed according to predetermined criteria (see rating sheet). The beginning of the email is predetermined, the rest of the email has to be finished. The result is assessed according to predetermined criteria.
Duration: 20 minutes

KID A1 Sample Test: Writing


Module: Oral exam


The oral exam consists of two different tasks: In task 1 („Sprich über dich“), the candidates give a brief introduction about themselves. In task 2 (“Sprich mit mir”), they have a short conversation with their invigilator. The oral part is assessed according to predetermined criteria (see rating sheet).
Duration: approx. 10 minutes

KID A1 Sample Test: Speaking


Exam administration

The exam ÖSD KID A1 comprises two modules: the Written exam (Reading, Listening and Writing) and the Oral exam (Speaking). These modules can be sat and certified individually or taken in combination. Candidates who have taken and passed one module will receive a single copy of a certificate for the module taken. If both modules were successfully completed within a year, at the same exam centre, candidates will be entitled to receive a single copy of a certificate listing all completed modules.

The exam will be administered by two certified ÖSD examiners who subsequently mark the examinee’s performance (see score form). By request, an inspection of the rating sheet is possible. Here you can find the Exam Guidelines and the Terms and Conditions for Exam Administration.


Sample test

This sample test can be used as preparation for your exam. You can download the exercise sheets for ReadingListeningWriting and Speaking, as well as the answer key and audio files here.


Materials for exam preparation

Order practice material here.


Video example

Here you can find a video example for an oral exam.

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