Characteristics of the LanguageCert B2 Communicator Speaking exam (level B2)

If you have lived for a long time in an English-speaking country and have great communication skills in English, at an intermediate-advanced level, keep reading this article, it may interest you a lot. We want to talk to you about the LanguageCert B2 Communicator Speaking certification, level B2, with which you can demonstrate your knowledge of the language, but with special reference to the communication skills that you are capable of developing. Today we are going to explain what this exam consists of, how you can prepare it on your own and the fastest and safest way to enroll when you have made the decision to take the test, because, you should know, that it is a certification that allows you to do the exam from home or from wherever you want.

What is the LanguageCert exam

The LanguageCert International ESOL  (English for Speakers of Other Languages) certification, from the PeopleCert Group, consists of a validation of knowledge of the English language adapted to the new times.

The certification focuses on offering the tools most adapted to the language learning environment that prevails today, introducing real communicative scenarios that make it possible for the candidate to develop their expression skills while expanding their command of grammar. It offers you the possibility of taking the exam anywhere in the world, whenever you want, through the most advanced and appropriate technology for it. The organization has more than 10,000 exam locations and offers you the possibility of taking them remotely with total rigor, thanks to the implementation of  Online Proctoring and Instant Scan & Mark technologies. The exams are characterized by: 

  • Offering a learning methodology  focused on the development of expression skills.
  • Establishing an assessment system in which written and oral exams are articulated separately.
  • Quickly analyzing the results and issuing digital and paper certificates in the  same way, 10 days after the exam date.

They do all of this by measuring levels of understanding and expression based on the four basic criteria:

  • Reading.
  • Wrinting.
  • Listening.
  • Speaking.

The written and oral exams are carried out separately, and passing the different tests offers you the possibility of obtaining two different certificates, one for each field. In addition, it is a certification that has frequent exams, although they take place on demand from the official centers enrolled in the program that carry out face-to-face tests at their facilities.

You have available the information that LanguageCert considers essential for its candidates, review it well.

How is the LanguageCert B2 Communicator Speaking test, level B2

In this case, we are going to focus on explaining the LanguageCert level B2 oral exam. This test is organized by evaluating your ability to  speak , which is usually determined by your level of grammar and listening comprehension. The examiners will insert current topics that integrate skills from the level B2 syllabus.

The exam lasts 13 minutes and is divided into 4 different sections:

  • In the first part you must say your name and spell it, talk about your country of origin and answer five questions on different topics.
  • In the second part, the examiner presents to you 2 or 3 situations and you must answer and start the interaction with him; that is, the examiner raises the issues and you must start the conversation.
  • In the third part, the examiner and you will have two cards with some information. From here you have to establish a conversation. The normal thing is that it derives to establish similarities and differences.
  • In the fourth and last part, the examiner presents you with a topic that you have to talk about for half a minute and then you will be tested in relation to that topic.

The evaluation takes place on an individual basis. The interview is recorded and guided by one of LanguageCert's specialists, with the aim of offering you maximum objectivity. If you are not satisfied with the results obtained, you can always request another review of your exam by another member of the certification examination team.

As in the written tests, it will be necessary for you to obtain a grade higher than 50% for it to be considered as approved.

Results and evaluation

The general evaluation criteria on which this test is evaluated are the following:

  • It will be taken into account if you have answered the statement made by the examiner.
  • The grammar expressions you have used, if they are appropriate.
  • The amount and variety of vocabulary you have used.
  • The pronunciation, intonation and fluency with which you use the English language.

Each of these criterias is awarded 3 points, so that up to a maximum of 12 points in total can be accumulated.

In principle, once you have obtained the certification at one of the different levels, in this case the B2 oral test, you have to know that it does not expire . However, it is possible that certain affiliated educational centers require the revalidation of certain sections to continue holding the degree. 

As you can see, the LanguageCert International certification is a fundamental training for your curriculum. With it, you can ensure not only that you achieve a high level of knowledge of the English language, but also that you have a world-renowned degree , which will open doors to infinite opportunities that you cannot even imagine right now. 

Tips for preparing the test on your own

You have already seen what the characteristics of this test are, so that to prepare it, take them into account and guide yourself from them, since it is what will make you pass the exam. In any case, we are going to leave you a series of tips that we consider essential so that you can get the most out of the study and go as prepared as possible for the exam, which will ensure that you pass.

  • It is necessary to have prior knowledge of English relative to the level at which you are going to test, in this case a B2. You can't inroll yourself without knowing any English or if you haven't practiced for a long time. In order for you to pass the exam as successfully as possible, you need to be very fluent and verbally rich, as well as knowing how to hold conversations related to the B2 level content. In case you consider it necessary, LanguageCert offers you the possibility of taking this test and checking your level of English;
  • To prepare for this exam on your own , you must dedicate a weekly time to this specific test within your study plan and to each of the four parts that comprise it. It is essential that every week you dedicate the highest quality time to this project;
  • It will help you a lot to read, to acquire vocabulary and structures ; It will also take a lot of listening, which is essential to get accents and pronunciation. You should introduce these activities in practice and in the preparation of Speaking;
  • listening rigorously to native speakers is what will allow you to obtain the highest rating. You must speak as much as possible, establish conversations and ask them to correct you, it is essential for you to be involved in circumstances in which you have to defend yourself speaking in English, which will give you fluency and the fundamental tools to take the test;

Fundamental materials for preparing Speaking for the LanguageCert B2 Communicator Speaking test, level B2

  • In the link you have all the material that LanguageCert itself advises you to have to prepare for the test. Get what you can, review it well beforehand, and work thoroughly with this material that is aimed at preparing and passing the exam.
  • This list of reading books can greatly help you prepare for the test and improve vocabulary and structures.
  • This list of songs for your level can help you work and study while having fun.
  • But if you prefer, you can do it with this list of series and movies .
  • This recommendation of dictionaries is also very important, since with them you can solve all your doubts while you study. Choose the one that best suits you and your B2 level.

How to enroll in the Speaking exam of the LanguageCert B2 Communicator Speaking test, level B2

We advise you to look at the link and look at exactly the dates and exam centers closest to you, where you can take the exam.

Once you know when and with whom you will do the test, or if you decide to do it from home, it is essential that you contact your exam center, since they will be able to answer all your doubts, they will be able to tell you if there are any news and all the specific details you need to know to successfully pass this level test.

If you decide to take the oral test, LanguageCert will tell you how everything will be developed, all the conditions of this very particular test and they will help you with everything you need, but remember to have a quality computer at hand and a good Internet connection, so that nothing fails you at the time of examining you. Don't miss out on this option of taking your exam comfortably and whenever you want, it is one of the benefits of certifying your English skills with LanguageCert.