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The role of new technologies in the study of languages

New technologies, called ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) favor online teaching. A new methodology is used that facilitates the learning of new languages ​​and that will bring us many benefits. Success is guaranteed. Nov 30, 2020 #Formation #Languages #Advantages

Techniques for learning a language through movies

Learning a language through movies is a highly appreciated method, thanks to its visual content, variety of phrases and vocabulary used. We share some tips so you don't lose the thread and don't be discouraged. Nov 30, 2020 #Formation #tips #Languages

The Cervantes Institute and its applications

With the aim of spreading the culture of Spain and that of Hispanic countries throughout the world through the spread of the language, the Cervantes Institute was created, an exam center to obtain a DELE diploma. Nov 30, 2020 #Formation #Spanish #tips

Study German around the world

Learning German is a guarantee of business and professional opportunities. It is the third most widely spoken foreign language in the EU. Knowledge of this language opens up a range of possibilities and can be studied in many countries around the world. Nov 30, 2020 #German #recommendations #learn German

Recommendations for studying a language on your own

Learning a new language is complicated and sometimes due to lack of time we put it off. Therefore, today we bring you a series of recommendations with which to learn any language on your own Nov 30, 2020 #Japanese #German #Italian #tips #recommendations #English #French #learn English

The verb in French

Learning French on your own can be easy because of its similarity to Spanish, but there are some differences in the conjugation of certain times that can lead you to make mistakes. Nov 27, 2020 #Formation #tips #Languages #French

Translation as art and science

To carry out professional translations, it is not enough to master a language. It is an art and a technique that must be learned. Studying Translation and Interpreting is a guarantee for your career. Nov 27, 2020 #Formation #Languages

Tips to improve your study of Italian

Recommendations with which to improve in Italian, among them, listening to native speakers, being careful with phonetic details, not forgetting grammar ... Nov 27, 2020 #Italian title #Italian #tips #recommendations

Mistakes made when studying a language

When learning a new language we usually make mistakes such as wanting to learn quickly, not spending enough time or not being in contact with native speakers. In this post we give you tips with which to avoid these common mistakes. Nov 27, 2020 #tips #recommendations #Languages

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