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Learn English around the world

Travel the world to learn English. Top 8 countries: Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Malta, Ireland, UK. Tips for going to study and recommendations for activities or visits to make the most of your trip abroad while learning English Nov 26, 2020 #English #curiosities of English #learn English

Do you need to quickly learn a language because you are traveling?

If you need to learn a new language in a short period of time, we indicate a series of tips to make your effort more efficient. Nov 26, 2020 #Chinese #German #Italian #English #Exams

Techniques for memorizing vocabulary

Memorizing vocabulary is essential to be able to express yourself, both orally and in writing, in different situations and circumstances. Increase communication possibilities Nov 26, 2020 #Curiosities #Exams

Advantages of language exchanges for students

It is highly advisable and recommended to carry out a language exchange, since traveling is very enriching and in the short term presents many advantages for the academic, professional and personal growth of those who experience this possibility. Nov 25, 2020 #Japanese #Chinese #German #Italian #English #Curiosities #French #NOKEN Japanese #learn English

Benefits of studying a language as an elderly

To avoid isolation of the elderly, the study of a language reinforces self-esteem, in addition to strengthening memory and equipping them with communication skills. In short, it provides mental health and delays aging. Nov 25, 2020 #Curiosities #Exams

Basic information for the new user of Examenexam.com

Your first time on the web? We tell you everything you need to know about the platform. Nov 25, 2020 #Exams

German-Spanish dictionaries

The dictionary should be a faithful companion for all language learners. Today we dedicate this article to those of you who are studying German, with this varied list of dictionaries that we hope will serve as a reference for you to further your studies. Choose the one that best suits you at all times, at each stage of the study process, and help yourself move forward. Nov 25, 2020 #GOETHE #Dictionaries #German

Italian-Spanish dictionaries

In today's article we want to help all those who have doubts and do not know which dictionary to choose, which one to use as a support and basis in the learning process. In this well-organized list, we have selected the fundamental and most recommended Italian-Spanish dictionaries by the best language schools, so that students have the support they need. Nov 25, 2020 #telc Italian #Italian

The reasons to study Italian and obtain an official certification

Studying Italian, the language of love and passion, can be not only a great investment on a professional and academic level, it can also be a great adventure on a personal level. People, travel, culture, traditions ... Nov 25, 2020 #CELI #telc Italian #Italian title #Italian

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