Clases Grupales y en Grupo YLE Starters - Pre A1 Starters

Group Preparation for the Pre A1 Starters Examination

Our group and grouped classes for the Pre A1 Starters examination have been carefully designed to equip you with the necessary skills to confidently take this official examination. These classes are led by experienced, native teachers who are experts in the Cambridge YLE methodology, each with more than 10 years of experience. By attending these sessions, you will enhance your English language skills, gain a thorough understanding of the exam structure, and acquire the necessary written and oral skills to obtain the official Pre A1 Starters certificate.

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For your convenience, we have gathered the most popular group and grouped language classes in your city in one place. Forget about scrolling through endless search results and let our search tool find the classes that best fit your needs.

➕What is included in the group classes?

The group classes are conducted in small groups with other students at the same level. In each session, you will cover English grammar and vocabulary as well as the theory and practice of the official Pre A1 Starters exam (Reading & Writing, Listening, Speaking).

➕What level will I reach by taking these grouped classes?

After completing our Pre A1 Starters exam preparation course in our grouped classes, you will have achieved a Pre A1 level in English.

➕Where do the classes take place? Are they in-person or online?

You can choose to attend language classes either in-person or online (or a hybrid format), based on your preferences and needs. Both in-person group and online grouped classes are conducted from official language centres.

➕Are the teachers native English speakers? Who teaches these classes?

Yes, the teachers who lead the Pre A1 Starters exam preparation course in our group and grouped classes are native or bilingual speakers, each holding an official teaching certification specialising in the exam.

➕Will conversation practice amongst students be included in the classes?

Yes, both the group and grouped classes include Speaking practice amongst students.

➕Will the classes prepare me for both the written and spoken parts of the exam?

Absolutely, upon finishing the course, you will be well-prepared to handle all components of the official Pre A1 Starters exam.

➕How long do the classes last?

The standard durations for our most sought-after formats are: regular courses (which last between 3 and 9 months) and intensive courses (short duration, dependent on the centre).

➕Can I enrol at any time?

Yes, the enrolment for both our group and grouped classes is open at all times. You can use our search engine to find the classes that best suit your needs according to your location (or online preference) and schedule. The entire registration process takes less than 5 minutes and can be done with your mobile.

➕How do I sign up for the group classes?

Registering is free. You only pay for the first monthly fee of the classes. If you decide to continue after the first month, we give you the option to pay month-by-month or for the entire course upfront. Registration for group or grouped classes can be done via our website quickly, safely, and without paperwork, using either your mobile or computer. Following registration, you will immediately receive a confirmation email. filter to see all the information on dates, prices, and cities with group and grouped classes for the Pre A1 Starters exam.

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