The qualities of a language teacher

Dec 2, 2020


The qualities of a language teacher

Whether learning a foreign language is more or less fun as well as successful depends largely on the person who teaches it. Mastering a foreign language is a basic requirement, our advice is that if you have decided to go to a language study center, take also reference to the content of the course also the professional nature of their teachers, which will not be so difficult to appreciate from the comments of his students and for his external fame. Let's say that 50% of the guarantee of success is in the hands of the teacher who must have enough psychology to interpret what his students want and need.

In this article we give you some ideas of the qualities of a language teacher, we hope they will be of use to you.

Didactic skills

A good teacher is not one who has great linguistic qualities. This is not accompanied by the ability to spread it correctly, according to the abilities and needs of the students. We refer to the ability to explain grammatical structures with a methodology easy to understand by students, at the same time, which is capable of selecting the appropriate exercises to practice them.

When we talk about training communication skills, we do so from the certainty that a good language teacher must have the right level and time to correct the mistakes that students make.

A good teacher can demotivate you by interrupting and correcting you directly in each sentence. This can negatively affect your self-confidence and may mean that students do not dare to say anything in class due to the fear of being interrupted, thereby reducing your confidence in yourself and refusing to use the foreign language in normal situations and everyday. Among the qualities of a language teacher is knowing how to praise and encourage the student, even if they have not yet mastered the language. 

Teach relevant content and engage students

A good teacher cannot be strictly limited to teaching the language. When students decide to study a certain language, they do so thinking about some aspect of its culture, its fame, and even its economy and politics, etc. 

There is no greater disappointment than investing a lot of time and sometimes money in learning a language and then verifying that it is useless. This means that a good language teacher must worry about transmitting the foreign language in a practical way, so that students take advantage of the opportunity to use their knowledge in the daily life of the inhabitants of the place, where they speak the language they are learning.

It may also happen that students' study hours are reduced. In this case, the teacher must have the ability to awaken in them the interest of independent learning. In this way, the most difficult vocabulary becomes easy to learn if the student listens to his favorite song in that language. The teacher must also prescribe the way to learn the language through videos, or with interactive exercises, which facilitates learning to be much more fun.

The choice of teachers is the most important

For one reason or another, it is always possible to know the fame of the teachers of a language study center. As we explained at the beginning, a good language teacher will guide you and give you structure. It will always be aware of your progress or delays to motivate you and guide you to achieve your goals.

During this writing we have given you clues of what an efficient teacher should be. If you make a lot of mistakes, a good language teacher will not constantly correct you, but they will be very patient and will focus on your greatest weaknesses, and will correct them little by little.

He will know how to give you the homework according to your time and will give you small exams in between. Experienced language teachers show you how you can regularly learn outside of class and motivate you to do so. Because your teacher knows very well that an hour a week with him just isn't enough.

The qualities of a language teacher have a lot to do with good learning, but never forget that the one who has to learn the language is you and you are also the one who has to contribute the most, without a doubt.

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