Learn English online and free

Nov 26, 2020

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Learn English online and free

We all know that English is the international language par excellence , so knowing it allows you to communicate in every country in the world. English, like Latin in ancient times, is a universal language that allows you to communicate on almost the entire planet. The idea of ​​studying English and achieving the necessary fluency, by itself, may be daunting for many people. It's all about getting your mind up for it and you will get it, because the most difficult thing in studying a foreign language is taking the first step. Follow our advice and you will see that like almost everything in this world, the difficulty is in our mind. It would be enough just to convince ourselves that we can do it.

Learn English on your own and for free

In a summarized way and to start today's article, we indicate a series of tips, all of them are at your fingertips and as a point of support we recommend the following link, where you can get advice and find everything you need in terms of studies of English:

  1. Learn ten words of English a day.
  2. Translate the lyrics of your favorite songs.
  3. Listen to podcasts.
  4. Use correction tools.
  5. Participate in language events.

If you already have knowledge of English, no matter how small, it would be good to take a short exam to know exactly your level , from there, the recommendations will be much more adjusted to your reality, therefore, your desire to study it on your own you will benefit, because from your reality you can design your most appropriate course, we also recommend the following link where you can check your level for free. 

How to stay motivated when learning English online?

The first thing is that you feel comfortable studying online, if you enjoy everything is done. But to enjoy your studies, you must set a goal, whatever it may be, and set your criteria to stimulate yourself as a kind of reward for achieving it. Do not underestimate the stimulus by means of a reward, because experiences say that this is very important for the human mind and for its motivation. Make up your mind to go to the movies or anything else, for sure you will enjoy the reward and they will produce pleasant, positive thoughts.

You are justifying why you want to learn English, now you go up one step higher, how to clearly indicate your linguistic goals , they must be small and procedural, that is, very specific, saying "I want to speak in English" is not valid, because it cannot be measured, They have to be achievable , the trick is to know that you can achieve them long before your motivation to study falters.

When studying online, you can propose that in less than two days, for example, you will learn one of your favorite songs in English and its translation. Do not forget to write your goals and date them to check their fulfillment.

Listen to real english

The fundamental thing in the study of a foreign language is to listen to natives , with their speed and their accent as many times as you can; although as normal you do not understand it at first, but it helps you to train your ear to its sounds and intonation. Today you have at your fingertips infinite technical means to listen to English, it is easy to find podcasts in English. It will be easy for you through the internet to connect with an English radio, watch television and listen to its news and all for free.

Online resources to improve pronunciation

Here you have at your disposal a series of resources to improve your English pronunciation:

  • BBC Pronunciation: It is an extraordinary option and an opportunity to learn the pronunciation of English from the BBC (London), its resources (videos, sounds and exercises) are very good to practice.
  • Manythings: this website is quite interesting to train the ear, to differentiate the sounds that we seem identical and are not.
  • Deutsch : It is an extraordinary online dictionary, and very complete. Besides the definition of the word, it gives you the pronunciation in both American and British English, you have the option Click the speaker on each word. Another function is that the writing is found in the phonetic form. 
  • Rachel English Videos : Rachel's videos are excellent. His series on pronunciation are very helpful. Fully recommended:

  • Rhinospike : On this page you will hear the pronunciation of a native speaker, a sentence or even a fragment of a complete text.

And remember that on our blog you have a lot of material that allows you to get closer to the English language and study it quickly, closely and for free.

Learning English is available to everyone

In this article we have exposed the many possibilities that exist to study English, alone or with someone, but through online learning, without doubting the quality and effectiveness. What it is about is to follow the advice, which in addition and as a result of using them, new ideas will arise, also very effective so that your study is more pleasant and with less danger of abandoning. 

Therefore, what will help you the most is your desire and your discipline ; However, our advice can help you psychologically and practically emerge when you feel a little suffocated, because studies like everything in this world is not a straight line, many things can get in the way, time, laziness. etc., and that's when our proposals can be worth it. But from now on, get it into your head that studying English by yourself and for free is totally possible.