LanguageCert exams, English certification for professionals

Nov 20, 2020

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LanguageCert exams, English certification for professionals

For an increasing number of people around the world, having an English certificate that guarantees their knowledge of the language is an unavoidable necessity. Within this great universe, there is an elite group, which either because of their specific work discipline, their job aspirations or because of their academic needs, is forced to present a professional English qualification.

The best solution to this growing need can be found in the endorsement given by the LanguageCert exams , in its modality called LanguageCert Pro.

Within this section, we find tests specifically designed to meet the strict requirements of the most prestigious educational institutions, the most important and successful companies of international stature and countless government agencies around the world.

LanguageCert Pro certificate confirms our knowledge of the professional English language to the highest standards, facilitating the path of personal development.

Benefits of having a professional English degree

Beyond international recognition and acceptance, LanguageCert Pro provides us with some additional advantages such as the ones we are going to see below:

- The opportunity to present the oral or written specialty separately, paying prices that are usually lower than those of other alternatives.

- It also superbly solves urgent situations, as it maintains a flexible calendar that covers practically the whole year, so that we will not have to wait long periods to take exams.

- In addition, if the time factor is decisive in our situation, the electronic certificate is issued to us just 10 days after having carried out the tests, and we receive the physical title by mail a few days later.

- Additionally, the option of taking the exam from home or office is especially useful. As long as we have a computer with Internet access and a webcam, this alternative will be possible.

- LanguageCert Pro certification is for life. We have no need to worry about renovations, unless the workplace or academy requires them.

As we might expect, the exams at this level of certification are extremely demanding. We will have at least 30 minutes to solve the oral test and two hours and 40 minutes for the written part.

Oral expression test (duration approx. 30 minutes)

We will be awarded a specific certificate and diploma that will recognize our verbal proficiency in the language. The test is scored with a maximum of 50 possible points and at least 25 points are necessary to obtain the minimum score.

The test is divided into four parts.

1. They will ask us questions of a personal nature that will cover aspects of the work, study plans and particular interests. In a question and answer scheme it is expected that, without too many pauses in search of expressions, we will answer accurately and fluently.

2. From a group of three topics, we will choose one on which we will make a presentation that lasts at least one minute. In addition to fluency, we are expected to use a large vocabulary during its development.

3. From a couple of photographs, we will have to describe the context of the images and highlight the differences between them. We will have to propose a course of action that solves the situation previously shown, arguing the opinions of the case if the examiner shows any doubt.

4. In this last part, the examiner will give us time to prepare arguments on a topic with which we are familiar. Through a friendly debate, we will have to express our opinions and defend points of view by demonstrating verbal ability and making use of abstractions.

Written and listening test

Like the oral test, this category is also scored independently. We will receive a specific diploma and certificate, which demonstrate the linguistic command of the language in this regard.

The maximum possible grade is 150 points and we require obtaining a minimum of 75 to pass with the minimum grade. The test is in turn divided into two sections that, added together, form part of the same grade.

Listening section (duration approx. 50 minutes)

In this part of the test, we will be given verbal instructions so that we can deliver the answers in writing. The exercises in this section include some multiple-choice exercises, filling in the blanks, and matching concepts, among others.

Writing section (duration approx. 60 minutes)

To pass this section we will have to prepare answers to certain questions using between 20 and 30 words for each one. They will also ask us to write a short letter of about 50 or 60 words on a topic that will be specified and, finally, we will have to write a short report of between 180 and 200 words that should cover all the instructions that have been indicated.

Interesting resources to prepare the LanguageCert Pro

The apparent simplicity of the tests can be misleading, but let's not forget that they have been designed by experts of the English language, to evaluate all the relevant aspects that demonstrate the proficiency of the language complying with the highest international standards. That is why having material to help us prepare for exams is an invaluable resource that we must make the most of.

To obtain detailed information about the structure of the tests and even acquire samples of the tests that can serve as a guide, we suggest entering the following link: material to prepare tests.

Solving the exercises suggested in the guides is an excellent way to help us verify how well prepared we are to present the exam, and detect in time the need to reinforce any of the areas evaluated. If this were our situation, enrolling in a course guided by expert teachers in institutions distinguished with the LanguageCert seal, will always be the most reliable alternative to ensure success.

But it may be the case that in our town we do not find any center endorsed by LanguageCert, or that time or schedule limitations prevent us from attending a face-to-face course. To solve both problems, there are online alternatives that will surely solve these personal requirements with the same level of confidence and professionalism.